Love is Colorblind ending explained – do Cara and Ino have a happy ending?

March 2, 2022
Abirbhab Maitra 0
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Love is Colorblind and will contain spoilers. 

Netflix’s Filipino film Love is Colorblind tells the story of the young couple Cara and Ino. They are childhood sweethearts and have a deep affection for each other. While both are fond of and care for each other, their relationship does not move forward from being just best friends.

Though Cara is confident about her feelings about Ino for a long time, Ino has some reservations. The strained marriage of his parents is the reason, he is worried about ending up hurting her. His mother constantly reminds him about the failure in love and getting hurt from that trauma. But still, Ino harbours a deep love for Cara.

But one day after Ino gets into a car accident, his life changes forever. He loses his mother in that car accident and becomes colour blind. This leads to difficulty coping with his life and makes him broke. Cara tries to help him all the way, but Ino thinks he is worried to become a liability for her.

Meanwhile, Ino is burdened with repaying his mother’s debt, and decides to have an art exhibition of her artworks. But the collectors push him to finish her mother’s incomplete centerpiece. As someone who is colorblind, Ino only sees the world in black and white. He can’t paint in this situation. So, they suggest finishing the work with the help of his father. As his father left his mother in a broken state, Ino decides to do it by himself.

Cara encourages him in this task. To motivate Ino, Cara recreates their moments of joy (go to the school and recite old good times). Meanwhile, Ino meets with the new curator of the art gallery, Iris, a young woman with beautiful charming looks who understands Ino’s condition and his problem of completing the centrepiece. She suggests a therapeutic workshop on the painting which she is conducting. Ino agrees with that and spends more time with Iris.

Netflix film Love is Colorblind ending explained

Cara becomes jealous of this fact. Soon, she meets Sky, one of her suitors in the school. Sky is a writer, who helps Cara to revive her ancestral bakery shop and vows to support her. These two love interests complicate the romanticism between Cara and Ino. And, they drift away from each other. But soon they realize how much they love each other and agree to meet on a date.

But on the date, Ino does not show up. Cara finds him in his apartment, drinking. She shows her frustration on him. It is when he reveals that his eyes can’t be normal again and he thinks this is a punishment for his unconcerned driving, which takes his vision and his mom. Cara asks the last time if he loves her or not. He refuses to answer that and says she does not deserve him.

After that Cara realizes that she has to move on by loving herself and pursuing her passion instead of hurting herself for Ino. Also, Ino realizes that he has to forgive himself to gather his life. He reconciles with his dad and finishes his mother’s centerpiece.

The story ends with Cara pitching a story to a group of editors. But at the time of the pitching, the ‘The End’ title comes to the screen in a fashion that indicates the story we are watching till now might be a work of fiction by Cara. In the next scene, we see her reconcile with Ino indicating perhaps she alternates the story’s ending from a sad story of separation to a happy ending of reuniting.

Though there are drawbacks in the film, Love is Colorblind is a film which at the end shows us the importance of love in our lives and tells us to accept that love unconditionally.

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