Meskina ending explained – does the Princess become a Queen?

March 4, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Meskina and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut writer, Adam Lock, called Meskinaa tired and dated film, with a marginally redeeming ending.

Leyla continually makes reference to the narrative being like a fairy tale, calling herself a princess and the men she dates princes. Her one aim was always to live happily ever after, becoming a queen. Although this princess is extremely unlucky in love, with her husband cheating on her and time rapidly running out for Leyla to find her knight in shining armor. By the final third of the movie, she is single and homeless, having lost three potential partners, but like all rom-coms there is that one moment where the protagonist decides to break out of their funk and fight back.

This awakening occurs whilst Leyla is in her pajamas, miles away from work and the important men in her life. With too many decisions to make, she decided to just ignore them all, yet Leyla has a busy night ahead of her now and no time to sulk. She should be at a music award show that she helped prepare or jetting off with love interest Fabian. Leyla starts off at the airport, where she gently turns down the wealthy businessman. Next, it’s off to work (still in her pajamas) to try and save her career.

Leyla arrives at the award show in the nick of time but is too late to present the most prestigious award of the night; that duty has fallen to Miss Morocco. As a side note, it is interesting how Leyla went from flat out refusing to present this award to now being heartbroken that she can’t. In a nice twist, Leyla takes to the stage dressed in Miss Morocco’s outfit, even wearing the crown and the sash too. She delivers her big speech to a large crowd and everyone watching at home on the TV. This is a rom-com staple, expressing your love to the biggest audience possible. She speaks of sexism and fairy tale ideals but is most importantly accepting in herself.

Meskina ending:

The princess takes off her crown and says “I’m more than enough,” then announces the winner of the best artist award. The story then jumps forward six months and we find Leyla at a wedding. The filmmakers strongly suggest that this is Leyla and Amin’s wedding, but then reveal it to be Leyla’s mother and Ali’s instead. Malika (Leyla’s boss) tells Leyla she has a book deal now and they all dance in celebration at the wedding. Leyla ends with a narration explaining she doesn’t need a prince to be happy, yet it is strongly implied that she is dating Amin again. Confusing right? To conclude, Leyla achieves her career goals and discovers that she is perfectly happy to be single, but she might not be so single anymore.

You can stream Meskina exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on the ending of Meskina? Let us know in the comments.

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