Who died in Pieces Of Her season 1?

March 4, 2022
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This article, “who died in Pieces Of Her season 1” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix thriller drama series.

When you are embroiled in corruption, billionaire assassinations, and all-out revolution there are bound to be a few deaths. This espionage thriller doesn’t disappoint, with an array of murders from all the many time periods explored in this eight-part series. Here is a breakdown of everyone who died in the series who is of any significance to the plot. If we missed anyone, please comment below.

Who died in the Netflix thriller drama series Pieces Of Her Season 1?


The first onscreen death in the series is also the catalyst for the entire show, setting in motion a chain of events. Shelley is the first poor soul shot at in the diner massacre. An enraged, psychotic ex-boyfriend follows her to the diner and shoots her dead. It is never really addressed why he killed her, other than because she split up with him. This shocking moment comes out of nowhere in one of the best scenes of the year.


With one fatal shot, Shelley falls to the ground. Her mother dives to her side, holding her dying daughter in her arms. The gunman doesn’t hesitate in shooting Betsy dead either. Both mother and daughter are shot twice, dying quickly. Again, it’s unclear why the mother was killed too, maybe as a witness or the killer thought she was at fault as well.

Unknown Diner

After shooting the two women, all goes quiet in the Crab Shack. All the guests are now cowering under tables and chairs, fearing for their lives. The gunman lowers his weapon and steps back at a pace or two. Then a phone beeps to life; clearly, a guest was trying to call for help. The murderer shoots this old man dead also.


Credited as ‘Loner’, the gunman is the fourth and final fatality of the diner shooting. After killing three people, he wanders over to Andy in her police uniform. The gunman asks her to retaliate, implying he may have wanted one final shootout or to be killed at the hand of a police officer instead of dying by suicide. Andy’s mother Laura slowly stands and explains that her daughter doesn’t carry a weapon.

In an act of sheer heroism, Laura manages to parry the next gunshot and blocks her daughter from further attack. The Loner fires again but is, fortunately, all out of bullets. He draws a knife and stabs Laura in the hand. With the knife firmly wedged in her hand, she uses it to slice the gunman’s throat. Andy witnesses this cold, calculated murder, which leads to her further investigation of her mother’s mysterious past.

Laura’s hostage

Episode one ends with an intruder tying up and suffocating Laura. Andy comes to the rescue and tussles with the criminal. In the altercation, a gunshot fires and Andy believes she has unwittingly killed the man. Later it is revealed he’s alive and Laura keeps him as a hostage. The intruder dies from a seizure whilst tied and gagged in Laura’s car. The man worked for either Jasper or Nick, yet no one admits to sending the torturer.

Martin Queller

Through flashbacks, we discover that Martin Queller (Terry O’Quinn) was assassinated by a cult-like vigilante group. Their leader Nick (Joe Dempsie), who was romantically involved with Martin’s daughter Jane, only wanted to scare the billionaire tycoon, but the shooter (Grace Juno) went rogue. The series ends with the shock twist that Jane (Jessica Barden) was the person who handed Grace Juno the gun. She wanted him dead after he drugged her and because of how he controlled every aspect of her life.

Grace Juno

The woman who shot Martin Queller was an ordinary person with a fleeting connection to Martin. She blames the pharmaceutical billionaire for the death of her family and is manipulated by Jane into shooting the man live on stage. After this deadly act, she shoots herself.

Alex Maplecroft

The vigilante group plotted to take Alex hostage and have Grace Juno impersonate her. All went to plan until Grace decided to shoot Martin and then herself. Thanks to this despicable act, the gang went into hiding, on the run from the FBI. They still had Alex as a hostage though and were unsure what to do with her. She was killed by Nick whilst trying to escape, in a scene that perfectly mirrors the death of the Loner from the diner.

Andrew Queller

At the same time as Alex attacks Jane, the FBI storm the hideout. One gang member is shot and the rest barely escape. As they jump onto the van, Andrew is fatally wounded. He dies later from a lack of medical attention. Jane eventually gets him to a hospital, but it is too late. This is the moment where Jane decides to ditch Nick and tell the police everything.

Charlie Bass

Most of the main cast evade death by the end of the series, except for poor Charlie Bass (Gil Birmingham). The lead officer in Laura’s witness protection program is the victim of a hit-and-run car crash. He devoted his life to protecting Laura, stating that he saw her family more than his own. He pays the final price in the closing moments of episode seven. It is heavily implied that Nick was the murderer, he rescues Andy from the wreckage and takes her to the house in the woods. Charlie doesn’t get any famous last words and is only briefly mentioned by Andy in a later scene. The poor man deserves retribution. RIP.

And that’s who died in Pieces Of Her season 1.

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