The Invisible Thread ending explained – who Is the father of Leone?

March 5, 2022
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This article contains major spoilers for The Invisible Thread’s ending.

The Italian drama The Invisible Thread was released on Netflix on 4th March. A social comedy dealing with various issues from parenting, homosexual livelihood, coming of age struggles, the film is quite entertaining with its storytelling prowess.

The story revolves around a teenage Italian boy, Leone. He is the son of two gay men, Paolo and Simone. As Italian law doesn’t permit adoption, Leone was born with the help of a surrogate mother, Tilly. Paolo and Simone brought him with love and care, but never felt the necessity to shed light on the paternity of Leone (it is mentioned that Leone is born with the help of a cocktail of sperm from both Paolo and Simone).

But as the story progresses, Simone and Paolo’s relationship strains. Paolo caught Simone’s infidelity and lashed out at him. This incident affects the whole family, including Leone. The thing gets too stretched as they both get separated and then the Italian law tells them to prove their paternity to Leone.

The Invisible Thread ending

Both parents do the DNA test to find out who is the father. But they find out that neither of them is. Ths thing with the DNA testing shatters Leone as he thinks that his family is formed on love and these things are nonsensical. Fed up with it, he leaves home. Out of frustration, he takes the drug his friend once gave him and he meets an accident in the consequences.

Fortunately, his injuries are mild. Soon, the two parents and his surrogate mother come to see him in the hospital. There Tilly is asked, who is the real father of Leone as they (Simone and Paolo) know the truth. Tilly says that when Simone and Paolo approached her to be a surrogate mother, she was battling with a divorce. But, after her divorce, she became vulnerable in one such situation with her ex-husband and became pregnant with Leone. So, the real father of Leone is Stephen, Tilly’s ex-husband.

With this revelation, Leone, Paolo, and Simone learn that this whole thing of blood relation is just nonsense and there is no rule to loving someone knowing that fact he is not your own anymore. This somehow reconciles the three characters and the film gets a happy ending.

You can stream The Invisible Thread exclusively on Netflix.

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