Upload season 2, episode 1 recap – the premiere explained

By Marc Miller
Published: March 11, 2022 (Last updated: June 16, 2023)
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Amazon Upload season 2, episode 1 - Welcome Back Mr Brown


Streaming’s best sitcom is back with Greg Daniel’s ambitious storytelling design and bigger laughs.

This recap of Amazon’s Upload season 2, episode 1, “Welcome Back, Mr. Brown,” contains spoilers.

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The first season of Upload ended with Nathan (Code 8’s Robbie Amell) allowing Nora (Andy Allo) to tell him how she loved him. Robbie could not respond because he downgraded to limited data. As the dead air was palpable over the phone, Andy went up north to the Poconos to meet her father and live off the grid. The last scene revealed the statuesque Ingrid (Briarpatch’s Allegra Edwards) bought him some more free time. When Nathan comes to, he asks her what she was doing there (because he broke up with her)? She tells him that they can now be together forever because she uploaded.

Nathan exclaims, “What?” He then freezes again because he is out of 2gig data.

Upload season 2, episode 1 recap

Andy arrives in the Poconos, waiting for her father (Dodgeball’s Chris Williams) to pick her up, as her “boyfriend” Byron (Matt Ward) is inside, turning down certain amenities. She hops in her father’s car, and he gives her a hood to put on to avoid drones taking their pictures.

When they arrive at their camp, where they can live free of technology, she meets Matteo (Royal Pains‘ Paulo Costanzo). He explains the lay of the land. They grow and cook their food and hack big tech companies like Freeyond that control the digital world. She sits in on workshops that explain communications like the envelope. The show then cuts to weeks later, and the cynical Nora embraces the whole experience.

Nathan is back at Lake View. But now, with Ingrid, who is doubling down on everything. Nathan begins to search for Nora, but his Angel is now Aleesha (Zainab Johnson). She doesn’t know where Nora is, and she is told that her best friend is on leave.

Speaking of best friends, Nathan’s BFF/stalker Luke (Siren’s Kevin Bigley) is super excited to see he is back and promptly scares him off with his neediness. Nathan then hacks into Nora’s social media accounts to locate her. He better hurry, though, because Matteo is making the moves on Nora over digging for potatoes with their bare hands. I know, sexy, right?

The significant storyline here is a detective is looking into the murder of the assassin who tried to kill Nora. (If you remember, Nathan saved her by killing the man by tossing the elevator around like a Shake Weight). The man, Detective Sato, works in cybercrime.

The ending

Finally, Nathan comes clean to Ingrid by lying to her. He admits he had fallen for another, but it’s over now. Ingrid says that she is going to win his love back. Unfortunately for Nathan, he doesn’t know Nora found a way to watch him like a cat virtually. She is heartbroken. So much so she grabs a bottle of wine and takes Matteo for a nighttime river walk as they sit and allow the sexual tension to fester. Then, something shocking happens.

Proving she is no fool, Ingrid has not uploaded, and she is alive. She is now wearing that sex suit while lying in her white, cast iron bathtub.

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