Story Recap – what happened in Upload season 2?

March 11, 2022
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This is a story recap of Amazon Prime’s Upload season 2 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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A couple of weeks back, I thought Greg Daniels could do wrong until I watched his satire Space Force. After watching his genre-bending sitcom Upload’s second season, he has renewed my faith. The shortened second season has terrific supporting performances, particularly from Briarpatch’s Allegra Edwards, Tab Time’s Zainab Johnson, and Siren’s Kevin Bigley, along with posing serious topics by satirizing commerce, politics, and the meaning of it all.

Here is a story recap of what happened in Upload season 2.

Story Recap – what happened in Upload season 2?

Episode 1 – “Welcome back, Mr. Brown“

Last season ended on a couple of cliffhangers. The first, Nora (Chicago Fire’s Andy Allo), went off the Poconos to get off the grid to the LUDDS commune where her father is. Right before that, Nathan (Code 8’s Robbie Amell) downgraded to the “2gig” floor. He told Nora how she loved him, but his plan ran out of time with little data left. All she heard was static at the end of her phone call. Then, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) arrives and sometimes into his account. She tells him that she uploaded it for him to be together. As Nathan yells, “What?” he powers down again.

The season begins with Nora arriving, meeting her father, ditching Byron, and meeting Matteo (Royal Pains’ Paulo Costanzo). He is the man in the field for the LUDDS, and even though they live off the grid, they frequently head to the city to hack companies like Freeyond. Meanwhile, Nathan has resorted to owing Ingrid his attention. It doesn’t hurt that Nora is nowhere to be found. The show ends when Nathan leaves Nora a message on her phone that she does not receive, telling her that he loves her. Nora went into town and hacked the system, then watched as Nathan and Ingrid kissed.

However, there is one final shocker. Ingrid is not dead/uploaded. She is in that sex suit and lying in her bathtub.

Episode 2 – “Dinner Party”

Now that weeks have passed, Nora loves her new life off the grid. She is now with Matteo. While that is happening, Ingrid wants to throw a dinner party. An intern has to use Nora’s avatar in Horizon’s files. This rattles Nathan, and Luke covers for him. After listening to Mr. Choak and Ingrid, he thinks that her father and the LUDDS group were behind his murder. The episode ends with Nora creating an avatar of the A.I. Guy for the LUDDS to infiltrate Lake View, and they want her to return to Horizon as a mole.

Episode 3 – “Robin Hood

Here, Nora returns to Horizon to interview as a game designer. She gets the gig. But they watch as something is going on in Lake View. Nathan takes the penknife Nora gave him to steal unused data and time from the rich, like Mr. Choak, who is not paying attention because he is eating his last peacock and first penguin, to his 2gig pal Yang. They continue to do this, with the help of Luke and, believe it or not, Ingrid.

She has paid someone to wear the suit, so she gets a self-care day. They manage to cheat Lake View at the local casino of most of the resident’s money at the table, including Mr. Choak. When they return to their room, Nathan has fallen for Ingrid all over again because of what she did today, caring about others. Of course, now, she is back in the suit and realizes Nathan does not love the real her.

Episode 4 – “Family Day”

Nathan’s mother and niece visit him at Lake View. It is family day, equipped with great food, games, and digital babies you can purchase. Ingrid becomes upset because Nathan doesn’t want one, even to rent for the day for practice. She leaves the group. Nora and Matteo travel to a private clinic in an unmarked warehouse, where rich uploads store their bodies and regrow their heads with stem cells. They pull the plug on all of them because these will come back to rule the world.

Matteo uses that A.I. Guy avatar to deliver Nora a device to hack the system. This causes the A.I. Guy to repeat the phrase, “Abolish Lake View, Delete the Rich!” Also, Nathan reconsiders the baby issue with Ingrid.

Episode 5 – “Mind Frisk

Nathan and Nora attempt to hack her boss’s computer to put a new technology, Mind Frisk, out of its misery. Mind Frisk violates uploads’ privacy by hearing their thoughts. When they crack it, Nathan accidentally thinks passionate thoughts about Nora that she can now hear. Nora, when Nathan wants to search for who is thinking about him with the Mind Frisk technology, says, “There’s the narcissist I know and love,” quickly realizing what she just said.

They also come across Mr. Choak talking to an assassin. His thoughts tell them he had more to do with his murder than they thought. Later, when Nathan goes through his stored memories, he finds one where he accidentally saw Choak when he wasn’t supposed to. That is why Ingrid’s father killed him.

Episode 6 – “The Outing”

Nora and Nathan head out for an outing in the city to follow Mr. Choak. Nora has an IPAD hanging from her neck so he can come along. They found Choak has set up Freeyond buildings in crucial swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida, to win an election in the future. Oh, and Ingrid has been regrowing Nathan in one of those private clinics in California.

Episode 7 – “Download

The season ends on a cliffhanger, and the exes have their altruistic day. Matteo helps free Nathan from that clinic, and Ingrid lets him go. They download Nathan into his body. Trinity, Nathan’s new Angel, cannot locate him in the system. Ingrid finds one of her ex-boyfriend’s brown hairs in an old comb he kept at her place. She indicates she will use the DNA from the hair to grow her own, I presume, baby Nathan. Finally, when Nathan wakes up that night after spending the night with Nora, he splashes water on his face. He then feels blood on his hand and sees his nose is bleeding.

And there you go, a story recap of Upload season 2 and what happened. What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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