Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation ending explained – will Aki find her missing friend?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 15, 2022
Netflix anime special film Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film special Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut writer, Adam Lock, called Adam by Eve: A Live in Animationan unnecessary, hour-long musical that would have worked better as a handful of visual music videos instead.

The only obvious connection to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, which this film was apparently influenced by, is the relentless use of apple symbolism. What Adam by Eve is really about though is a shared nightmare, like a tamer version of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Aki and best friend Taki discuss this dream that involves a one-eyed monster and then all of a sudden, Taki disappears. Aki spends the rest of the film searching for her missing friend.

Aki retraces her steps, exploring their old haunts: the karaoke bars, cafes, the arcades and then aimlessly wanders the streets of an unnamed city. As Aki endlessly searches for Taki, her mental state starts to suffer. The one-eyed monster infiltrates her reality, appearing in windows and on her phone screen. Dream and reality blur as she drifts in and out of consciousness. Aki hears Taki calling her name and then she witnesses the one-eyed monster in a black cloak and top hat. Aki passes out and the next music video begins.

What follows is a great anime section, set in a dystopian future. This world is solely inhabited by schoolgirls in smiley-face masks and men dressed similarly to the vision Aki just encountered. These one-eyed monsters appear to be a father figure and the schoolgirl plays the daughter. The domineering authoritarians control the daughters in all aspects of society until the ladies fight back in true anime fashion. Cue futuristic planes, shootouts, and explosions galore. Reality blurs once more and the daughter awakens in her version of reality, at school. This segue tentatively links with the live-action narrative, yet adds to the overall themes of the film.

Netflix anime special film Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation ending explained

Aki continues to lose her grip on reality and rushes to the rooftop of a building. She jumps and wakes in the restaurant, where the first discussion began. The old cliché is an actual, serious plot point in Adam by Eve, it was all a dream. Taki explains that she was just discussing her dream and then Aki fell asleep. Aki had the exact same nightmare and Taki giggles, ‘You’re easily influenced”. A happy ending all around. The nightmares weren’t real and Taki never actually went missing, everything is back to normal, how fun.

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