Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – “Faith”

By Marc Miller
Published: March 18, 2022 (Last updated: February 15, 2024)
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Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
Amy Schumer and Michael Cera in Life & Beth Season 1 (Image Credit to Hulu)


Featuring a great Michael Cera, Faith begins to display the promise of Life & Beth’s pilot episode. A picture-perfect mixture of awkward humor and deeply hurtful memories.

As Big Sean is heard singing “Bounce Back” in Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 5, Beth walks barefoot down the road. It’s been a trek down the Long Island road back to her deceased mother’s house. She thought throwing her knee-high boots into the garbage truck was so cool but forgot she had a long walk ahead of her.

She falls into bed as she kicks over some Amazon packages by her front door. Unfortunately, she gets a call from John (Michael Cera). It is five in the morning, and she inquires about coffee (but he already bought it for her). She forgot it was time to get up and help harvest at the vineyard. 

Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

As they pull what looks like rainbow chard and some celery root, John gives her honest feedback that her hair looks awful because of the sweat and dirt. Then, while cleaning the chicken coup, he bluntly asks if working together was a great idea? Because they are attracted to each other. She agrees, and things get quiet. She leaves after they enjoy some water together, and he tells her his girlfriend Katie doesn’t like helping out as Beth does. Katie doesn’t like the outdoors.

Later, when hanging out at Maya’s, the girls talk about the hot details with Travis. As all three beg her to know about the size of Travis’s dick, Beth manages to change the story to Shlomo and Maya’s hurricane love-making that goes for hours. Shlomo is an animal in bed. He does this: Maya asks what she wants, and he does it.

I know. All the guys and I reading this right now are confused.

The episode progresses with Beth putting on a lovely blue summer dress. She meets John at the fair, where no one will tell them where these elusive corndogs are. They are also accosted by a little boy who beats them at the water gun/balloon game. Mor on that later.

When Johns grabs some water, Beth sees her old friend Liz in the distance. She approaches her and gets an awkward, even cold, welcoming. Even when Liz tells her that her mom died. Liz briefly tells Beth about her family and her son, who is here somewhere. 

That’s when that little girl from the water gun/balloon game shows up (this is the later part). She is her old friend’s child, and she tells her mom that Beth attacked her (she didn’t). Beth, trying to calm the waters, asks for Liz’s number, but she refuses. She goes back to John, who drank both bottles of water. As they leave to go check out his boat, one of the people who refused to tell Beth where the corn dogs are, a clown, yells, “Get your free corn dogs here,” and keeps walking on by.

Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

They look at John’s boat at the vineyard, which brings back a memory of Beth and her mom swimming in a neighbor’s pool at night. According to John, they move from John’s dingy through the woods to a house where the owner is not there.

They have sex on the lawn, where Beth receives oral sex from him. She even asks him to do what she wants, and he obliges (well, she can get him back on track). When they finish, she asks straightforward John what he is thinking about. “T**s,” he says. “Dicks?” she responds. He again repeats what he said. This happens back and forth for a couple of seconds. “T**s!” is then yelled from the house where the owner has been watching.

They run and laugh about it. But Beth now turns serious. Walking through the dark, the memory of her mother and feeling violated, she yells at John for breaking her trust. The more he apologizes, the more Beth becomes upset.

She realizes that John has a girlfriend (he tells her he wants Beth to be his girlfriend), and her mother would often date married men. She is her mother. As she tries to leave, she has no idea where she is. She asks for John, who tells her he will walk Beth to her car.

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