Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – “Pancakes”

By Marc Miller
Published: March 18, 2022 (Last updated: February 15, 2024)
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Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 4 Recap
Amy Schumer and Michael Cera in Life & Beth Season 1 (Image Credit to Hulu)


“Pancakes” is often a hilarious and insightful look at what shaped Amy Schumer’s comedy style.

The embarrassing flashbacks continue in Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 4 as Beth and her friends flash some boys their age while hanging out at the park. The girls do, but Beth takes it too far. She pulls up her shirt and bra, but not just the shirt.

The boys laugh and say her nipples look like pancakes because they are so large. She sees her friends only pulled up their shirts, and one comments, “How desperate are you?” Beth walks away, tail between her legs. Later, when she hangs out at the picnic table, one of her classmates asks her if she had breakfast this morning? Beth responds with a yes. One of them then asks, “Was it pancakes?”

Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Beth gets her old friends together, minus Liz still, to go out and get some drinks. After two or three minutes of dancing, max, they find some seats because they are too tired to continue. They all begin to get excited for a guy named Travis (Mindhunter’s Jonathan Groff). I assume they think he is, what’s the word? A snack? Anyway, when he comes on by, they all perk up, backs straight, and give them his full attention. However, it breaks some good news — he broke up with his girlfriend. One of the reasons was that she was too skinny for him.

Maya is this close to performing a spit take from the excitement. 

Travis takes a shine to Beth because she lives in the city (ignoring that her mother died and wanted to bring up how the city smells like nuts). She visits the next day to see John (Michael Cera). He cooks her lunch, but only after she drags a table over, and he makes sure she lifts from her legs. He is also cooking for a party tonight, and she gets the invite.

However, Beth can’t seem to find out if John is dating or tied down. So, she says she can’t because she is going on a date tonight. She then finds out the lunch John made was rabbit liver. 

This is why he refuses to name the animals.

On her date with Travis, she finds out that her friends have crashed it and watched her from a distant table. Oh, he also calls Margaritas a “Rita,” which is enough for anyone to dump him. But while showing restraint and some empathy, she heads over to her friends, who are begging her to “f**k” him.

All of this while in front of their husbands, children, and a guy Maya brought named Shlomo.

When she returns to Travis, he is writing in his journal. While loving the insight into his sensitive and sweet nature, he volunteers to read some passages for her. She says yes, and is even into it. But for them, he reads about how he only completed three sets at the gym, and she tells him she has to leave.

Is he disappointed she is ending the date? No, all he wants to talk about is the New York City transportation system. As she begins to exit the restaurant, Beth gives her friends a middle finger.

They are shocked and devastated.

How does Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 4 end?

So, Beth heads back to the vineyard to celebrate Elena’s 90th birthday (played by June Squib). They cook, eat good food, run around with sparklers, and be merry. That’s when John introduces Katie to Beth, his girlfriend.

She leaves feeling disappointed, and what do we do when we want to feel better about ourselves? Find some physical affection. She stops by Travis’s place and knocks on his door. He invites her in, and she is astounded at what she sees. Travis is a hoarder. It doesn’t matter. She is there for one reason. When they hook up, and he begins to take off her clothes, she refuses to take off her bra. 

After the deed is done, Travis shows her that the condom broke. She says she will stop at the pharmacy for Plan B. He sounds great. He will come with her. (The guys Beth dates are very clingy).

Does he want to make sure she gets there safely because it is late? No. He wants to make sure she takes the pill (a real gentleman, this guy). She takes the bottle of water he practically shoves in her face, mocks and berates him, then tells him off as she walks past a couple of guys on the back of a garbage truck.

She then flashes them.

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