Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “Out on the Island”

By Marc Miller
Published: March 18, 2022 (Last updated: February 15, 2024)
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Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
Amy Schumer and Michael Cera in Life & Beth Season 1 (Image Credit to Hulu)


Funny and heartfelt, Amy Schumer’s Life & Beth is satisfying television.

Beth has done some soul searching the past week, contemplating life choices in Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 3. For instance, she has a flashback at her friends’ desk at a basement party as a teenager.

At the time, a young Lavar comes over to Liz to ask if Beth wants to go on a walk with Beth later. Liz is super excited for her, as she tells her best friend because her life is about to change. Since she anticipates hooking up with Bobby, she asks Maya to smell her breath. Maya says for her best friend, Liz, to do it (seems fair).

Beth, though, will do it for Maya because she will hook up with Lavar later, she says. Maya points out that just because he is the only “black” guy there doesn’t mean she likes him.

Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In later flashbacks, Liz negotiates with Lavar what base Beth is willing to go to. When Liz asks Beth how far she will go, she asks her advice. Liz tells her second base, and Beth responds, “Okay, that’s like I do him?” They gasp and inform her what second base is.

They kiss and leave holding hands. Later, Beth has a brief memory of her class laughing at her. Later, at Pizza Heros, a mean girl tells Beth that Bobby hooked up with someone else that same night and is taking them to the dance. Beth then lamely tells her how that’s cool because she has a boyfriend upstate anyway. She and Liz then share a smoke behind the building. 

Back in the present time, Amy is at her desk at Kerig, and Matt is in the background beating the s**t out of the water cooler and its cups. Why? Well, Amy dumped him after the disastrous funeral repast/marriage proposal. (I mean, some women love a guy who knows how to stretch a dollar).

She calls her sister, Ann, asking if she is warm to the idea of Beth moving to Long Island to be closer to her. Beth gets an icy response, as Ann comments that she has talked to her more now than she has in years.

Beth talks to her boss about her possible promotion and taking on a new territory of Long Island. She moves into her mom’s home and grabs a drink with Maya, who tells her she had to move in with her grandfather.

Beth embraced the Long Island way of thinking. She visits a vineyard and meets John (Michael Cera), a farmhand, who gives her a reluctant tour with the typical Long Island attitude she grew up with. He’s a fellow introvert who doesn’t seem to like people but would instead rather ask questions than answer them.

How does Life & Beth Season 1 Episode 3 end?

Matt arrives at the local vineyard on a black steed by the end of the episode. He becomes emotional and asks if she still loves him. She doesn’t say no but doesn’t say yes either. He then threatens to hurt himself if she doesn’t take him back—a threat to three, to be accurate.

By the time he gets to twelve, the horse takes off, falling off. The result is a concussion. John volunteers to take the horse back, and Beth asks to go with him. Matt thought she was talking to him. 

On their walk back to return the horse, John and Beth share a moment they talk about the breakup, and she has her first cry.

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