Without Saying Goodbye ending explained – do Salvador and Ariana end up together?

March 18, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Without Saying Goodbye and will contain spoilers.

Netflix’s Spanish film Without Saying Goodbye is a romantic drama dealing with the strange relationship between Salvador (Maxi Iglesias) and Ariana (Stephanie Cayo). Salvador belongs to a wealthy multimillionaire business family from Spain and himself an architect who comes to Cuzco, Peru, to fulfilling his dream project of building a seven-star hotel. Salvador is a workaholic and always goes by the time. He is always so busy with his work that there is no time to give himself.

So, when he comes to Cuzco to complete his dream project, he only means work. But from fate, he stumbles upon the beautiful Ariana. Ariana is an artist and the complete opposite of Salvador. While Salvador has no time to give himself, Ariana is like a free bird and always finds ways to spend time with herself. Also, she is the niece of the property owner from whom Salvador wants to buy the property for his project.

Ariana openly complains about this. She warns her aunt, Lichi, not to fall into the trap of Salvador’s persuasion. Yet she engages in a complex romantic relationship with Salvador. They disagree on various things — about life, work and preserving the traditional culture, and creating new. But, there is a bonding that can be seen in the end.

Netflix film Without Saying Goodbye ending explained

Together they go on the tour of Salkantay and Machu Pichu. In that tour, Salvador realizes how much he forgets to live his life under the constant pressure of his work. He grows respect for Ariana for giving him another perspective about life. And they come closer to each other. But these loving moments do not last long as Salvador’s father pushes him hard to get the property; otherwise, he gets out of the project. So, he tries Lichi to get her signature on the contract. Ariana gets disappointed by her aunt’s consideration of selling the property and leaves. Salvador realizes how much he loves Ariana and decides to quit his dream project and resigns.

After a long search for Ariana, he finds her and tells her that he want to spend time with her and himself. Finally, Ariana also realizes her love for Salvador and accepts him. In the final scene, we see them both kitesurfing on the sea, enjoying the moment of their life together.

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