Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 12 recap – “Variation Area”

March 20, 2022
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There are strong messages throughout this series, and episode 12 hits home with more important lessons.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 12, “Variation Area,” contains spoilers.

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As we reach the latter stages of this series, we just want a happy ending. This K-Drama truly values the importance of relationships — communication, self-love, and dealing with past traumas. There are strong messages throughout this series, and episode 12 hits home with more important lessons.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 12 recap

Episode 12 opens with Si-woo deliberating over his relationship with Ha-kyung. In the present day, Ha-kyung hears of a commotion at the weather station. Si-woo’s father is furious that his son is hospitalized, and he’s berating the staff. Ha-kyung confronts the father, and he reveals to the entire team that she has an intimate relationship with Si-woo. Luckily, Ki-jun eases tensions as Ha-kyung gets increasingly angry. But then the weather takes a turn, and a dangerous typhoon is heading towards land. Of course, metaphorically, the aggressive typhoon means that the relationships between the characters are reaching boiling point.

Episode 12 then moves to the past, Si-woo impresses at the typhoon center on Jeju island, and they report to the other weather station on the typhoon data on how destructive it can be. There’s constant monitoring on both sides as always as the series does its best to discuss weather analysis as accurately as possible.

On Jeju island, Si-woo bumps into Yu-jin and meets some of her family. Si-woo heads out into the rain to use weather tools with a colleague to collect some data. It involves dealing with hydrogen, and there’s an explosion; Yu-jin hears the explosion and sees that Si-woo has been hurt, so she takes him to the hospital. This is such an important moment in the story — what will it mean for Ha-kyung and Si-woo this event?

Episode 12 moves back to the present. Si-woo’s father is demanding updates on his son from the weather station staff and wants compensation — the ball drops here — he only wants money from this situation. Ha-kyung tells the father to check up on his son first — she asks him to get a plane with her to Jeju island.

The ending

Episode 12 ends with a pivotal moment that throws a major test at Ha-kyung and Si-woo. The audience will be desperate for these two to work it out, but can they?

Ha-kyung gets to the hospital, and she hugs Si-woo at his bedside — it’s an emotional reunion. Ha-kyung sobs, but Si-woo reassures her that he’s okay. But then, the father shows up, and he immediately talks about the compensation and checks out his injuries. Si-woo asks Ha-kyung to remove his father. He’s frustrated that his father has been brought to the hospital and gets angry. Outside the hospital room, the father demands compensation from Ha-kyung as his son could have lost his eyesight — he threatens her, stating that people will lose jobs if they do not receive money. Ki-jun intervenes and tells the father that he will deal with the situation.

Si-woo tells his father to leave, but he then slaps him. Upset by Ha-kyung witnessing this commotion, Si-woo walks off. Ha-kyung chases Si-woo outside, and he’s visibly upset — he tells her he cannot work on their relationship and breaks up with her as the episode ends. This is a massive blow for the couple. Will they survive this? Let’s hope so.

Additional notes

  • Um Dong-han’s daughter learns of her parent’s divorce and asks her mother if it’s true. She quickly brushes away the divorce petition.
  • Um Dong-han’s wife asks Um Dong-han to sign the divorce papers. He’s a little shellshocked by the ordeal — he tries to apologize and appreciates how lonely she felt with his daughter while he worked. She doesn’t buy his excuses, and she certainly has trust issues.
  • Ki-jun and Ha-kyung talk about their relationship and praise each other’s strengths as they continue to deliberate over their partners. They both agree they just were not a “best fit.” There’s an acceptance that they misunderstood each other. Unfortunately for Ki-jun, he cannot get in touch with Yu-jin, which only heightens his anxiety.

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