WeCrashed season 1, episode 4 recap – “4.4”

By Adam Lock
Published: March 25, 2022
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Apple TV+ series WeCrashed season 1, episode 4


With the company losing millions each day, Adam turns to new investors in this addictive drama series. The show mixes utter madness with heartfelt emotion to create something fresh and exciting.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed season 1, episode 4, “4.4,” contains spoilers.

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In large, white lettering, episode four announces that WeWork is losing 1.2 million dollars a day. This piling debt is broadcast throughout the episode, giving the audience a live update on the madness at the heart of WeCrashed. “4.4” exposes a company hemorrhaging money at a ridiculous rate, focusing on Adam’s desperate attempts to reel in a new investor to even out this need for growth.

WeCrashed season 1, episode 4 recap

Episode four begins with a pretentious Adam as he is photographed and interviewed simultaneously. He’s trying to gain as much publicity as possible, in the hopes of creating this image of a successful business, whilst advertising to new investors. The magazine goes with the headline ‘Your New Landlord’, which catches the eye of an annoyed investor. This businessman, Cameron Lautner, is played by The Handmaid’s Tale star O-T Fagbenle. He complains about wasted expenditures on summer camps and his wife’s unnecessary involvement in the company.

Cameron’s business partner seems enamoured with Adam Neumann though, seeing limitless potential in the WeWork founder. This links nicely with Hulu’s The Dropout, where CEO and entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes is also seen as a genius, who people unquestionably trust with their millions. As the episode progresses, others have a similar faith in Adam, which makes for intriguing TV. Elizabeth and Adam have a lot in common, both deluded stars wasting people’s hard earned fortunes without a single care in the world.

Adam wants to launch forty stores by the end of the year, when eight seems more feasible. His global dreams mean the company is burning through capital at an alarming rate. This hippy billionaire portrayed by Jared Leto is starting to irritate now, as his performance creeps tantalisingly close to caricature. A frustrating Adam is spending money on foolish things, like imported food and Run DMC gigs, whilst the company make dangerous promises to their landlords. Things are nearing breaking point and the losses just keep mounting. This destructive swan dive promises for an explosive second half to the series.

The ending

Rebekah befriends successful businesswoman Elishia Kennedy (America Ferrera), whilst Adam pops over to India to pitch to heavyweight investor Masayoshi Son. Adam appears distant from his wife and children, with the company now losing 2.1 million a day. The cracks are starting to show in the Neumann marriage as well as the company and new friend Elishia only highlights this problem further with her innocent questioning. Anne Hathaway brings her Oscar winning expertise to the drama, turning in an emotional performance as the lonely wife.

WeCrashed may represent pretentious billionaires, who waste millions without remorse, but this show has an exciting energy to it that cannot be denied. Rocketed by Hathaway’s stunning performance, this is fast becoming compelling television you can’t ignore.

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