Yaksha: Ruthless Operations ending explained: what is Yaksha’s next move?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 9, 2022
Yaksha: Ruthless Operations ending explained: what is Yaksha's next move?

This article contains major spoilers for the Yaksha: Ruthless Operations ending.

Netflix’s new Korean spy thriller Yaksha: Ruthless Operations comes to an end with speculations about the future of the characters. The film ends on an ambiguous note with the possibility of a sequel.

The core of the film revolves around two characters — prosecutor Han and Kang-inn, a notorious spy and station chief for South Korean intelligence in Shenyang, China. When prosecutor Han has to release a big businessman from South Korea from prosecution out of his morals to stay within the legal boundaries, he is demoted to the prosecution office of the National Intelligence Services. In that office, Han has nothing to do but lay low. But suddenly, he gets an assignment, which can reinstate his previous reputation. Though he is warned about the dangers of this, he insists to get the job.

The job leads him to Shenyang and Yaksha. But after his landing in Shenyang, he gets stuck in an ongoing war between the spies. He comes to know that Yaksha and his team are trying to find a man called Moon Byung-uk. Moon Byung-uk has some crucial information, which Yaksha and his team seek, as do the Japanese and the North Koreans.

As time passes by, we come to know that a well-known Japanese agent, Ozawa, has 107 double agents in the intelligence agencies all over the world. Moon Byung-uk has been working as a Japanese spy in North Korea and has all the information about the double agents working for Ozawa. But before finding out the list, Moon Byung-uk is killed by the Japanese and Ozawa captures his daughter, who has gotten the information from her father.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations ending

After various twists and turns, Yaksha, his team, and Han get the list, and Ozawa is killed by Yaksha. They also come to know that the chairman of NIS is also a mole working for Ozawa. In the final showdown, Yaksha tells Han to prosecute her with all of his capabilities and goes on the way to a chemical explosion. The movie ends with Han regaining his previous position as a public prosecutor and getting a call from Yaksha. Yaksha tells Han that he is doing his duty and he needs him.

I believe that Yaksha pretends to be a dead guy as he has some hunch about something wrong with the espionage operations. So, to investigate properly without any obstacle, he pretends to die. In the last shot, we see him calling Han from London. It indicates he is now in London on some operations. He needs Han maybe over some legal issues, which we will see in the next installment of the movie. No matter what the film’s ending might excite the fans to see these characters once again on the big screen.

You can stream Yaksha: Ruthless Operations exclusively on Netflix.

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