Better Call Saul season 6, episode 2 recap – “Carrot and Stick”

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 19, 2022
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Episode 2 continues the unbelievable run of brilliant chapters, bringing another scene-setting performance from Rhea Seehorn.

This recap of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 2, “Carrot and Stick,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 2 is one of those well-articulated slow-burners where you feel anything can happen at any point. It’s one of the main strengths of this series as it delves into many unknowns and possibilities. Yet still, this is a prequel, which makes the unpredictability even more surprising.

Better Call Saul season 6, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens up with Mike and his men raiding Nacho’s house. While not reality, the series has made it feel like it is the end of the road for Nacho, with Gus wanting to get rid of any loose ends.

Jimmy and Kim continue planning to sabotage Howard — Kim has an idea, and she thinks Jimmy will hate it. And so, Jimmy meets Betsy, but she initially has no interest in talking to him, calling Jimmy a thief. However, her husband, Craig, does not mind talking to him. Jimmy tells them both that he has grounds for a civil case to help exonerate Craig, but first, he needs them to sign a letter of engagement so that he can provide them with the information. Betsy does not want to sign, but Craig chases after him and signs. Jimmy tells them that they did not have proper counsel in their court case due to the lawyer being impaired by drugs (remember when Jimmy planted cocaine on Howard in the last episode?)

Now receiving the information, Betsy fires Jimmy, claiming she can hire any lawyer she wants. They reach other to Clifford and tell him that Howard was improper counsel due to cocaine use. Clifford states it is a conflict of interest as he’s working with Howard’s firm. He calls it a difficult case and refuses them both.

Gus has his own investigating to do in episode 2. He meets Hector at the care home and offers his condolences over his loss. When Gus leaves, he declares that Lalo is alive. He’s always had an incredible intuition. We then flit to Nacho, who is becoming increasingly paranoid. He becomes irritated and flees his apparent safe place but then finds a person who was spying on him. Nacho rings Mike, who tries to calm him down as he aims the gun at the spy. Nacho knocks the man out unconscious.

Nearby, other apartments in the area are raided; they are looking for Nacho. He ends up in a gunfight; he has to drive away and shoot at the twins to escape. It’s not looking like a great situation for Nacho.

Mike tells Gus that there’s not a “whiff” of Lalo, so he believes if he is alive, he does not want to kill Gus, as it would not be the best move. Mike offers to get Nacho for him, but Gus wants Nacho’s father instead. Mike disagrees, causing one of Gus’s men to point a gun at him. But then, Mike gets a call from Nacho, and Gus tells him to answer it.

The ending

The end of episode 2 brings another brilliant moment from Kim.

Jimmy and Kim meet Betsy and Craig. Betsy claims there is not a case after meeting other lawyers. She asks Jimmy to exonerate Craig, or she will go to Howard.

Kim is tired of the bullshit and says, “enough carrot.” She calls the Internal Revenue service and asks for the criminal department, making Betsy and Craig nervous as Kim describes the scam tax business they run. When she puts the phone down, Kim tells them that they will get prison sentences. Betsy begs her, stating she will do anything.

But Kim is a new character. She isn’t the same anymore. She tells Betsy and Craig to contact every person they have wronged and return the legally owed money. She then tells them she will keep an eye on both of them. She’s becoming her own villain.

As Jimmy and Kim drive off, Jimmy says, “wolves and sheep.” The episode ends showing a car following them. Our bet is on Lalo.

Episode 2 continues the unbelievable run of brilliant chapters, bringing another scene-setting performance from Rhea Seehorn.

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