Better Call Saul season 6, episode 8 recap – [spoiler] dies in shocking return

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 12, 2022
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Better Call Saul returns, and it’s a glorious 50-minutes of tension.

This recap of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 8, “Point and Shoot,” contains spoilers.

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We are back after a brief break. We should expect a lot from the last six episodes as they will begin to link up with the Breaking Bad storyline. Episode 8 is a brilliant return with another shocking death of a main character.

Better Call Saul season 6, episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens with a lonely brown shoe dancing around in the waves next to the beach. The camera pans back to show the other shoe and an abandoned car playing classical music. On the car dashboard, there’s a wallet and a wedding ring. This all belongs to Howard.

It then flits to where we left off in episode 7; Kim and Jimmy are mortified, looking at Howard’s blood-soaked and dead body on their apartment floor. Lalo does not care (as usual) about the emotional commotion in front of him. He gives Jimmy an address of where he’d like him to drive. He’s sending him on an assassination mission to kill Gus. Lalo also wants a photo as proof of death.

Jimmy cowardly tells Lalo that he should send Kim to do it. Kim is emotionally mortified that Jimmy is moving the responsibility as he tries to justify his idea. He believes he will attract too much attention, but Kim insists she cannot do it. Lalo agrees with Jimmy and sends her to do the assassination. Kim shakily walks off. She will likely feel that Jimmy did not want her left behind with Lalo, but once all this calms down, will she see this situation as a betrayal?

Kim leaves, thus leaving Jimmy with Lalo — he’s tied to a chair. Lalo describes how people he cared about were killed as part of the raid to destroy him. He reveals Nacho let the men into his home to attack him and that Jimmy introduced him to this man. Jimmy panics, insisting he is not part of what happened before Lalo gags him. Lalo tells him he will return, and he wants the whole story when he does. Jimmy tries to get off the chair, falls over, and he’s faced with the dead Howard. This story flipped on its head real quick.

Kim starts her journey — heart in mouth and shaking. All we can do is feel sorry for the character at this point. Kim reaches the house that Lalo described, and she rings the doorbell. As the door opens, she points the gun, but Mike grabs her from behind. The scene flits to Mike asking Kim to calm down. She tells him that Lalo is going to kill Jimmy. Kim reveals the plan given to her by Lalo and gets angry that Mike did not protect her.

Mike suddenly has urgency, and he heads to see Gus and tells him to stay where he is. Meanwhile, Lalo is nearby at the industrial laundrette where the laboratory is getting built.

Gus calls Kim and wants to know why Lalo sent her. Kim reveals he didn’t want to send her at first but initially sent her husband, but Jimmy talked Lalo “out of it.” Gus seems moved by the fact that her husband talked Lalo “out of something.” Gus checks out the laundrette as he harbors a hunch. And that’s when Lalo walks in, shooting all of Gus’s men to the floor. It was a trap, and Lalo has a grin on his face as he points his gun at his enemy.

Two villains now face off.

Mike and his men head to Jimmy’s apartment and find Jimmy on the floor. Mike tells Jimmy that his wife is safe and asks where Lalo is. Jimmy explains he has no idea where he went.

Lalo gets out a camcorder to record the presumed demise of Gus. He asks for a tour of the laundrette, but when Gus does not respond, Lalo shoots him in the chest, knowing he has a bulletproof vest on. A winded Gus starts the tour and shows Lalo where the meth lab is. Lalo is excited, as he suspected this place had existed all this time.

Gus tries to humor the situation and talks to the camera; he rips into Hector and admits he kept him alive and broken as part of his plan. He then states that he wants the whole family to know that he buried them alive. Gus then provides a distraction, runs off, picks up a gun, and shoots Lalo multiple times. Gus turns on a light and walks up to a Lalo who is severely bleeding from the neck down. Gus looks down at him coldly. Lalo laughs with blood gushing out before dying.

Gus falls over, the adrenaline wearing off. He checks out the bullet that hit his vest, knowing how close he was to his death. Gus rings the manager Lyle at one of his chicken shops. He tells him he will not be in for the week and that he needs Lyle to be the store manager. The camera then focuses on Gus, who has bullet wounds on his lower stomach. Mike explains a doctor will arrive in a few hours. Mike then expresses that he’s not happy with how things went down.

The ending

Kim and Jimmy reunite, and they hug each other tightly. Mike and his team head over to clean the apartment and deal with Howard’s body. Mike clarifies to Jimmy and Kim that “Lalo is not coming back.” He then reveals his plan of what they will do with Howard, including his car. Mike links his plan to Kim and Jimmy’s plan to bring Howard down. They will make it look like Howard committed suicide and that Jimmy and Kim were the last to see him. Mike then tells them both to have a “normal day” and clarifies that “none of this ever happened.”

Ironically, Howard is buried in the unfinished meth lab. But before the soil hits him, Gus takes his shoes — the same shoes we saw at the start of the episode. What a s**t way to die.

Better Call Saul returns, and it’s a glorious 50-minutes of tension.

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