Better Call Saul season 6, episode 7 recap – the midseason finale explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 24, 2022
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Better Call Saul season 6, episode 7 - Plan and Execution


Episode 7 ends in shocking circumstances as the midseason finale ramps up the drama.

This recap of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 7, “Plan and Execution,” contains spoilers.

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What a midseason finale. This truly has the shock factor as the stories between the characters merge. Unfortunately, we have to go on a break now. What a cliffhanger to leave the audience on.

Better Call Saul season 6, episode 7 recap

The midseason finale opens with Lalo meddling with a manhole cover. He then places his slippers on and puts his tools in the trunk before heading to a convenience store where he uses the shower room. When he returns to his car, he sets a timer and closes his eyes. The timer goes off, and he returns to the manhole cover and climbs into the sewage system. From the sewage, he finds a gap in the sidewalk and spies across the road at the warehouse laundrette — the same laundrette home to Gus’s underground laboratory. He documents everything he sees on a video camera, including his theory of a massive meth lab.

And then, the midseason finale moves to Jimmy, who picks up a mall worker. Jimmy then picks up an eager filmmaking student and offers him a quickly negotiated fee to work with him — he’s arranging a photo shoot with a team, but he’s clearly frantic and hurried. Kim arrives, and she has no plans to attend the important business lunch for the Jackson Mercer Foundation — she gets straight into helping with the make-up.

They then do a photoshoot of Jimmy on a bench, exchanging an envelope with a man called Lenny. After, they head to a red room to process the photos. Once they have the images they want, Jimmy rushes out to hand the pictures to a man in a car. This man is the private investigator for Howard, and he gives Howard the photos. Howard checks out the pictures of Jimmy and asks the private investigator to find out who the man is.

And then Howard gets on with this day with the Sandpiper case. He advises one of his clients and tells her not to take a deal, believing they can get a better one. He feels hot suddenly, but then he enters a meeting with Sandpiper and the client. His assistant calls in the mediator, and Jimmy and Kim are on the conference call listening in. And then, lo and behold, the mediator (Rand Casimiro) walks in, and he looks exactly like Lenny, the man from the photo exchanging an envelope with Jimmy. Howard looks bewildered.

Howard interrupts the mediator and tries to cancel the negotiations. He accuses the mediator of being compromised and describes the photo he saw. The mediator strongly argues he wasn’t in a park that morning and that he did not meet a man called Jimmy for a pay-off. Howard asks his assistant to bring the photos. However, when the pictures arrive, it isn’t the mediator. It’s a different man. Howard has been duped — he claims they have been switched and is hot and flustered.

Cliff Maine berates Howard outside the meeting, but Howard is eager to discover what is happening. Cliff Maine has to apologize to the mediator directly, and the Sandpiper meeting is over. The lawyer from the Sandpiper company reveals they will reduce their previous offer. Howard then claims that Jimmy has drugged him and tries to convince Cliff of the conspiracy, but Cliff tells him they have to settle with Sandpiper.

As Cliff reveals to the clients that they accepted the offer, Jimmy and Kim make out — their mission was a success.

Lalo rings Hector and tells him he cannot find evidence of Gus’s operation, so he wants to go to “Plan A” and surprise him, but Hector is against that idea. However, Lalo puts the phone down and plans his assault. It turns out, however, that Mike has been tapping Hector’s phone — he tells Gus that they will protect him as Lalo plans his attacks — there’s a trap set at Gus’s house.

The ending

Episode 7 ends in shocking circumstances as the midseason finale ramps up the drama.

Howard visits Jimmy and Kim at their house in the middle of the night. He brings them a gift and tells Jimmy he’s won, but they both act like they have no idea what he’s talking about. Howard wants to know what he’s done to deserve their elaborate plotting against him. He then explains that he has been through the worst, including a broken marriage, but he tells them they will never be okay because they are “soulless” and perfect for each other. Howard then realizes that Kim and Jimmy did it all for fun. However, as Kim was about to kick Howard out, Lalo walks through the door. Jimmy and Kim are shaken and ask Howard to leave.

Kim asks Lalo what he wants as he screws the silencer on his pistol. Howard tries to talk his way out of the situation, but Lalo shoots him in the head. Lalo tells them to be quiet as they panic and asks for a talk. Wow, just wow.

A prank too far, huh? It’s all fun and games until a cartel boss walks in.

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