Better Call Saul season 6, episode 5 recap – “Black and Blue”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 10, 2022
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Better Call Saul season 6, episode 5 - Black and Blue


Episode 5 is a well-crafted plot builder that’s so enjoyable and teases what’s to come.

This recap of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 5, “Black and Blue,” contains spoilers.

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With each episode passing, Gus’s paranoia grows, and with good reason. Lalo is playing a highly patient game, which makes for excellent television. Meanwhile, Howard and Kim keep playing their games. This has been a fun season so far! Let’s recap episode 5.

Better Call Saul season 6, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 of season 6 opens with Kim restless in bed — she gets up and puts a chair against the front door. Mike has clearly spooked her due to the surveillance team looking for Lalo. Jimmy wakes up and joins Kim on the couch — he “thanks god” that Lalo is dead. Oh, the irony. Kim has not told him about her confrontation with Mike.

Gus inspects one of his fried chicken restaurants and serves one of the customers. But suddenly, Gus zones out; his paranoid nature gets the better of him as he scopes outside. He’s a man that plays it extra-safe, but he doesn’t feel safe at the moment, far from it.

Howard leads a class action suit with Cliff Maine with his usual showmanship. After a meeting, Cliff confronts Howard about the time he saw him throw a prostitute out on the street. Howard is in disbelief but then links a timeline of recent events with Cliff. Howard then learns Cliff recently met Kim, and something dawns on him — this is all Jimmy.

And so then, Jimmy has an appointment with a potential client named “Mr. Ward.” However, when he meets the man, it’s Howard. Howard tells Jimmy he’s tired of being enemies and offers him a boxing match in the ring. He makes it known that he knows Jimmy and Kim have plotted against him. Howard laughs it off, but then he decides to put some gloves on.

The men spar it out, throwing big hits on each other, but Jimmy is defeated. Howard tells Jimmy that he wants this to end, but he’s not confident it will. After the spar session, Howard talks to a private investigator — he’s got someone spying on Jimmy. When Jimmy gets home, Kim tells him, “you know what’s coming next.” It’s fascinating how far ahead Kim is in thinking. She always thinks one step ahead. Jimmy has a great right-hand woman supporting him.

The ending

Finally, we see Lalo enjoying a high-end bar — he calls himself Ben. He introduces himself to a woman named Margarethe, who turns out to be Werner’s wife, the man who worked on the construction site for Gus’s laboratory. The woman talks about the death of her husband and that his work was top secret — she calls him a hero.

When Margarethe leaves her house for work the next day, Lalo breaks in. He searches in the study room, but then Margarethe returns home — she forgot her phone. Suspecting someone is in her house, Margarethe silently walks upstairs. Lalo notices an ornament with a measurement tool encased that used to belong to Werner. When Margarethe enters the study room, Lalo is already gone. Does Lalo know about the laboratory? How will Gus sniff the man out and kill him? This is getting intense.

Episode 5 is a well-crafted plot builder that’s so enjoyable and teases what’s to come.

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