Better Call Saul season 6, episode 4 recap – “Hit and Run”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 3, 2022
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Better Call Saul season 6, episode 4 - Hit and Run


Episode 4 is an easy but thrilling episode, with Jimmy and Kim going about their lives while danger lurks.

This recap of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 4, “Hit and Run,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 4 is not the strongest chapter in season 6, but it allows the story to breathe a little. Watching Jimmy and Kim go about their business while a monster creeps in makes fascinating television. Let’s recap season 6, episode 4.

Better Call Saul season 6, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens with a couple of cyclists cycling through a neighborhood — they see a red-painted house. They enter a house, and there are plenty of CCTV screens, putting surveillance on people. They are working for Gus.

And then the episode flits to Howard, who is talking to his therapist about an insurance company he’s signed up as a client. He is struggling with family at home. While he carries out his therapy session, Jimmy is all suited and dressed up like Howard outside, and he moves Howard’s car and re-arranges some cones. Jimmy then heads to a motel, beeps his horn to alert a prostitute, and picks her up. Their meeting is pre-arranged.

While Kim is having a meeting with Clifford, Jimmy screeches by in the car and kicks out the prostitute. Clifford believes it is Howard based on the vehicle and the appearance of Jimmy. When Jimmy returns the car, the cones have been moved, which means he cannot park the vehicle in the same place. He moves the “patients only” sign to fool Howard. After this successful charade, Kim believes she is being followed.

Kim and Jimmy return home and celebrate their successful plan. Kim raises how she feels she got followed, but Jimmy states that she feels like this because they got away with their plan. The next day, Kim confronts the men that are following her. However, they drive off after she threatens to call the cops.

On the same day, Jimmy heads to the beauty salon for a prospective new client — the client calls him “Salamanca’s guy.” In fact, he has several new clients.  His fortunes have turned.

Kim bumps into Mike, who tells her that the two men following her are gone. He asks her to sit down and offers to answer questions for her. He reveals he has men watching her and her husband Jimmy and that he’s trying to solve a problem — Lalo Salamanca. Kim states that Lalo is dead, but Mike’s response tells her he isn’t. Mike is following anyone that Lalo may contact. Kim figures out that Mike is from the desert, who was with Jimmy. Mike tells Kim that she’s made of stern stuff and asks her to go about her business and not disturb his men.

The ending

As the episode draws closer to an end, it shows Gus getting himself clothed and booted. He heads down a secret passageway and passes the people we saw at the start of the episode. He ends up in the same house after some winding corridors. He tells Mike there was a green ford van behind him for three blocks; he’s paranoid he’s being followed, but Mike reassures him that they have identified the van’s driver as a plumber. Gus also asks to find a replacement chef because the current one is not up to standard. Mike raises how his team is stretched thin, and they haven’t heard from Lalo in days. Gus makes it clear that Lalo is alive.

Jimmy shows Kim his new potential office late into the night after the beauty salon owner kicked him out, but he tells her he’s had a great day with clients throwing cash retainers at him. Kim lists the negatives of the new office but highlights the location is ideal.

Episode 4 is an easy but thrilling episode, with Jimmy and Kim going about their lives while danger lurks.

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