Hold Tight episode 3 recap – who is the woman and the man in the van?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 22, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 3


Episode 3 starts to unravel the conspiracy in a well-paced manner. 

This recap of Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 3 contains spoilers.

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Hold Tight episode 3 recap

Episode 3 opens up with Michal and Anna still looking for their son Adam. Michal gets a call — the police have found Adam’s wallet. Meanwhile, Renata’s husband is at the police station because his wife is missing. It’s surprising the police have not seen an increase in disappearances.

Anna asks Igor’s mother, Beata, where Igor was found as she believes Adam may be there. Beata is avoidant and believes Adam was involved in Igor’s death and is hiding something.

The two women head to the place Igor died. Beata is confused to see the candles where Igor died when only she, the police, and a few homeless people knew about the location of his death. Consumed with grief, Beata kneels and prays. Anna meets Pawel, a former prosecutor, and asks him to dig deeper into the death of Igor, believing it will lead to Adam.

The man and the woman who kidnapped Marianna and her friend head to a pawn shop. The woman wants a tablet and offers the man sexual favors to get it. When she gets what she wants, she passes the information to the man who says “Nikola Reszke.”

Anna and Michal speak to Laura, the school therapist (also Pawel’s husband and Kaja’s mother). She tells them that Adam must have stopped trusting adults. Anna then returns to the underground club, but this time with her husband. They get advice on where Adam could be, leading to a youth center. They head to the location, ask around, and come across a Youth Worker (Joanna) who provided therapy for Adam. She reveals that Adam felt misunderstood at home, and it was killing him that his mother was controlling. This throws Anna emotionally, but Michal tries to comfort her, stating that most children believe their parents are screwing with their lives.


The ending

At the police station, Marianne’s body is verified by Renata’s husband — this was the dead body found in the trash. The episode ends late at night. After Nika leaves her friends, she’s kidnapped by the man and the woman from earlier in the episode. And then, Anna receives a message from Adam, and she smiles. 

Episode 3 starts to unravel the conspiracy in a well-paced manner. 

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