Hold Tight episode 5 recap – who is Adam’s father?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 22, 2022 (Last updated: November 13, 2023)
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Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 5


The turn of events in episode 5 feels underwhelming, but it’s still a worthwhile story.

This recap of Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 5 contains spoilers.

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Penultimate episodes are always important, but for sure, this is underwhelming. The writers have kept the audience at arm’s length, but maybe too strongly.

Hold Tight episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens up with the police scouring the area where Renata’s body is found. The bodies are piling up. Meanwhile, the police interview Anna — they believe she’s been involved in the illegal prescription drug trade and shows her evidence. Anna claims she doesn’t prescribe the medicine they are showing her. She gave her signature stamp to someone else, which is also a crime and a break of ethics for a doctor. The last thing she needs is attention on her.

Meanwhile, Joanna from the Guru youth center is interrogating Adam’s friends and wants to know where he is. She has men strong-arming them. She’s not as innocent as she looks. Michal then speaks to Beata about Guru and wonders if she knows anything about it. She claims she knows nothing and becomes irked about knowing little about her son Igor.

Anna is interviewed about Renata and Marianne. They both were prescribed drugs, and now they are both dead. After doing a DNA check, they then raise that Michal is not Adam’s father. Anna is shocked. When Michal finds out, he’s furious at this revelation. Anna tells him she was raped a month before the wedding. Michal is overwhelmed and drives away from the house. Later on, Anna tells Michal that she tried to find similarities to him regarding Adam’s appearances. She didn’t want to lose him, so she didn’t tell him. Meanwhile, Kaja is suspicious that Adam is not the one talking to her via the phone as he’s sending old photos, so she tells her father.

Beata meets Anna about a pack full of Czech cards and pin codes that she found belonging to Igor. Anna shows Michal, but then she learns that she’s been investigated for a while, and Adam is also a suspect. Afterward, Anna meets Pawel about the cards and pin codes. He wonders if it’s some code to crack.

The ending

But, it’s then revealed in a twist that Adam’s male friends (Gajos and Blazej) have him tied up in a cabin, which makes sense because they have been suspiciously indifferent about their friend’s disappearance. They ask him for a system password. They want the drug prescription codes, but Adam is resisting. Adam manages to ring his father, but his friends take the phone off him.

The turn of events in episode 5 feels underwhelming, but it’s still a worthwhile story.

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