EXmas Ending Explained – Who was the baby Jesus thief?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 17, 2023
EXmas Ending Explained
Robbie Amell {L] and Leighton Meester in EXmas | Image via Prime Freevee

EXmas is a Lifetime-style Amazon Freevee movie about a former couple who find themselves forced to spend one more Christmas together. Our two protagonists, Ali and Graham, have been together for several years before calling off their engagement. But Ali still stayed close to her ex’s family. After several days of mismatched alternative love interests, drunken nights out, and a mysterious baby Jesus thief, things finally come to a head on Christmas day. Let’s break down the ending for EXmas and what it means for Ali and Graham’s future.

When Graham announces he won’t be traveling to his parent’s house for the holidays because of work, his family decides to invite Ali over for Christmas. But Graham shows up anyway and is shocked to find the woman who broke his heart is there. 

At first, Graham tries his best but fails to convince his parents and siblings to come around to his way of thinking about his ex. He even places a bet with Ali, vowing to make his family despise her. 

EXmas Ending Explained

After opening their presents on Christmas morning (and learning that Graham thoughtfully bought everyone airport neck pillows), the family decides to head out for their annual holiday hockey game. 

While relatively violent, everyone seems to be having a lot of competitive fun. That is until Dennis falls over and becomes unresponsive. 

The family gathers around the patriarch, Jeannie pretends to cry over her fallen husband, and Graham starts performing CPR while Ali calls 911 for help. At the hospital, everyone’s relieved to learn that Dennis will make a full recovery from his sudden heart attack. It seems Graham is a hero, as without his life-saving first aid skills, Dennis would have died. 

Does Graham win the bet?

Outside the hospital, Ali and Graham have a heart-to-heart during which they apologize to each other for their relationship ending. Graham also quits his job on a whim, and the two decide to call off that bet we all forgot about. 

By the following morning, Ali made peace with the thought of never seeing Graham’s family again and said her goodbyes before heading for the airport. However, this is a romantic comedy, so after Ali leaves, Graham wants to follow her to the airport and declare his undying love. Of course, the rest of his family wants to join him. 

While the group wastes many precious minutes getting ready and trying to leave in Graham’s sports car that won’t start, they find Ali has already changed her mind and returned to the house.

Who was the baby Jesus thief?

Graham gives the obligatory romantic speech, and the pair agrees to give the failed relationship one more chance. We also learn that the neighbor’s dog was the baby Jesus thief all along. 

We then cut to the following Christmas, when the family arrives to join Ali and Graham at their home in LA to celebrate. Graham surprises his beloved with the baked goods truck she’s always wanted to own. 

Two years later, Graham has a Christmas surprise for his little sister -– He invited her ex over for the holidays. 

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