Where is Albert Lopez Now? Rosa Peral’s Ex-Lover Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 11, 2023 (Last updated: September 13, 2023)
Where is Albert Lopez Now - Rosa Perals Ex-Lover Explained

Where is Albert Lopez Now? We discuss Rosa Peral’s ex-lover, the man who was an accessory to the murder of Pedro Rodriguez.

The shocking true crime involving the police force, a love triangle, and ultimately murder has been highlighted by Netflix in a double bill that involves a documentary and a dramatized series.

The body of police officer Pedro Rodriguez was found in a burned-out car, almost unidentifiable, due to the extreme heat that reduced the body to ash. An investigation into the death would be a catalyst, taking the lid off a series of affairs and improprieties that would see two people jailed for the murder of their colleague.

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Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez would receive twenty-five and twenty years, respectively, for their involvement in the terrible crime. Both would have different versions of what happened, blaming each other and trying to shift the focus and motivation for the crime onto each other.

At the heart of the situation is a twisted tale of love, obsession, revenge, and deceit, and despite all the evidence that was accrued, it seems that there are still many grey areas in the affair that may never be resolved.

Peral and Rodriguez were in a relationship together; Rodriguez was suspended from work after another incident, and Peral was in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband over their two daughters.

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Peral, meanwhile, was also enjoying an affair with Albert Lopez, further complicating the situation and eventually leading to what appeared to be a plot to murder Pedro Rodriguez. There are a lot of moving parts in this sordid tale, and many fans of true crime have been exploring the shocking tale, watching the series and documentary.

To help those of you interested in the affair, we have a whole host of companion articles on the site that will hopefully give you some clarity on the main players, so if true crime is your thing, here is our short account of where Albert Lopez is now.

Who is Albert Lopez, and what happened to him?

Albert Lopez was a work colleague of Rosa Peral, who was also romantically involved with her. Depending on who you believe, Rosa would see Lopez as a way to get rid of her current partner, Pedro Rodriguez, using him to help murder him.

The murderer would also allegedly try to point the blame at the father of Rosa’s daughters, her ex-husband Ruben Carbó.

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During the trial, Lopez would say that the whole plot was masterminded by Rosa, while Rosa would claim that she knew nothing of the murder and Lopez had arranged the killing himself. Lopez would be implicated by the judge and jury, who would believe that Lopez had helped in the murder, and he would receive a twenty-year sentence for his involvement.

Where is Albert Lopez Now?

After the trial, Albert Lopez would receive twenty years imprisonment. He is still in jail now.

Albert Lopez has appealed against the sentence. However, the Catalonia High Court and the Supreme Court upheld his conviction.

When will Albert Lopez be released from prison?

Lopez will remain in prison till 2037.

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