What happened to Lacey Ellen Fletcher?

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 12, 2023
What happened to Lacey Ellen Fletcher

What happened to Lacey Ellen Fletcher? This article discusses the case of Lacey Ellen Fletcher and her subsequent death. It contains details that some readers will find disturbing. Reader discretion is highly advised.

The death of Lacey Ellen Fletcher in January 2022 is a shocking and complicated story of neglect. Her parents now face a grand jury investigation into the death of Lacey, who was found dead in their home.

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The story shocked the world, and as the details surrounding the situation were revealed, it led to a public outcry and charges of murder against her parents, who were also her caregivers.

The following article will explain the details behind the situation, but the story is one of horror that may be particularly disturbing for some readers.

Who is Lacey Ellen Fletcher?

Lacey Ellen Fletcher was a thirty-six-year-old woman from Louisiana who suffered from nearly complete paralysis. This condition is known as locked-in syndrome.

Her parents and care providers, Sheila and Clay Fletcher, now face charges of murder in the second degree.

What happened to Lacey Ellen Fletcher?

Lacey would be found dead in the family home, on a sofa that she had not been moved from in years. The state of the body was emaciated and covered in sores and fecal matter, with Lacey’s hair matted and infested with maggots.

The District Attorney would state that the neglect seemed to have occurred over a period of many years.

What happened to Lacey Fletcher on the couch?

The couch that Lacey was on had worn away through extreme hygiene neglect. A hole had worn through the sofa as Lacey would use the furniture as a bathroom.

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Her body was in a terrible condition with ulcers and sores, and some reports indicated that she had “melted” into the couch.

What is the official cause of death for Lacey Ellen Fletcher?

A report was issued from Dr. Ewell Dewitt Bickham 111 that stated that Lacey’s death was caused by medical neglect.

She had also tested positive for COVID-19 and was suffering from bacterial infections.

What happened to Lacey’s parents?

According to The New York Post, Sheila and Clay Fletcher were initially arrested in January 2022, but technicalities pointed out by their lawyer that referred to “defective language in the affidavits” saw the original case thrown out by a judge at that time.

However, the parents, who were released on bail, were indicted again, and District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla stated in an official statement, “We will ensure there is justice for Lacey, and the public knows that caregivers will be charged for neglecting or abusing a person in their care.”

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Her parents would say that Lacey herself had made the decision not to leave the living room, and they had brought her meals and set up a “potty” for her needs. Lacey had been previously diagnosed with severe Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism spectrum disorder that can leave people with awkward social skills.

The case is still ongoing, and her parents have been released on bond. It appears that the trial may happen later in 2023.

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