Where does Lacey live in Dear Edward?

By Miguel Fernández
Published: February 8, 2023
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Where does Lacey live in Dear Edward? With the release of the Apple TV Plus show, we explore the locations of the character, including Lacey’s.

The life of 12-year-old Edward would never be the same after he boarded that flight that was supposed to take his family from New York to Los Angeles, where they would relocate. In the end, it wasn’t because they had to move, but rather because in the middle of a storm, the flight crashed and he was the only survivor. Everyone else, including his older brother and his parents, perished in the accident.

This is the story told in the Apple TV Plus series Dear Edward, which presents the accident in the first episode and explores the aftermath and how it affected the relatives of a few passengers on board after the fact. Among those relatives, there is Lacey, Edward’s aunt, who, after having three miscarriages, decides to adopt his nephew and raise him as his own child.

But since the series involves a lot of characters, storylines, and places, one might be lost with some of the details. In particular, if you are wondering where Lacey lives in the series and where exactly the different storylines take place, we’ve got you covered!

Where does Dear Edward take place?

The series is mostly based in New York, where most of the characters reside. But because the flight was a connection between New York and L.A., some characters have California connections, and some scenes do take place in Los Angeles. For instance, in the second and third episodes, we see Dee Dee (Connie Britton) go down the rabbit hole of his husband’s business in L.A. There, in episode three, she also meets Linda, who is introducing herself to his deceased boyfriend’s parents, who had never heard of her, and tell them that she’s pregnant.

Other than that, the main storylines take place in New York. Adriana, for instance, is thinking about running for Congress in the New York district she grew up in. And as we will explain soon, Edward and Lacey are there too.

Where does Lacey live in Dear Edward?

We learn via a throwaway line in the third episode of Dear Edward that Lacey (played by Orange is the New Black actress Taylor Schilling) lives in Nyack, upstate New York. This is mentioned by her neighbor’s daughter, Shay, who quickly bonds with Edward when the young boy looks for a relationship that might make up for the one he had with his brother.

Moreover, in the third episode, the two young adolescents take a trip to Manhattan, where Edward takes Shay to the falafel store he used to go to with his brother, an idea that doesn’t turn out as well as he thought when he hit with memories of the life he had there with his family. We barely see Lacey in the third episode, as opposed to the second one, which was heavily focused on her journey after deciding to adopt his nephew. She appears towards the end of the episode and gets really upset when she realizes that Edward went to Manhattan with Shay and no adult supervision.

What plane crash is Dear Edward based on?

The series Dear Edward, which was created for Apple TV Plus by Jason Katims, is based on a 2020 American novel by Ann Napolitano. The author was inspired by the plane crash of Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771, back in May of 2010, which ended the lives of 103 out of the 104 people on board. It was a connection between Johannesburg, South Africa, and Tripoli, Libya, and the only survivor was a 9-year-old Russian boy.

What do you think of Dear Edward so far? Are you enjoying the series? Are you looking forward to the next episode? Let us know in the comments!

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