Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – what happens to Edward’s letters?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 10, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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Another slow installment that steadily builds towards an emotive ending. These powerful, hard-hitting scenes just seem to come out of nowhere. A special mention for Taylor Schilling, who impresses in one of these particularly emotional sequences, recounting a childhood memory in an eloquent manner.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4, “Chrysalis,” which contains spoilers.

Episode four is aptly titled “Chrysalis,” as it marks a transitional phase for the key players in this heart-wrenching drama series. They are to emerge from their depression and grief as stronger and more emotionally attuned people. Each character goes through their own life-altering events. Edward (Colin O’Brien) returns to high school after many years of home-schooling, Dee Dee (Connie Britton) investigates her husband’s second life, and Adriana (Anna Uzele) contemplates her future goals. It’s another one of those installments that starts slowly, but hits you out of nowhere with some emotive scenes nearing the end.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Let’s start with Edward’s character arc. The grieving miracle boy is back in public schooling after years of studying at home. He nervously walks the corridors but has Shay for backup and additional support. He’s a bit of an oddity and a celebrity on the school grounds, although he just wants to fit in overall. He tries on his brother’s jacket, an item of clothing that to him signifies cool and popular. Edward wears this the next day, feeling renewed confidence. Although this leads to an argument with his new teacher and subsequent bullying, as Edward refuses to remove the coat. This altercation causes Edward to panic and he runs off.

Dee Dee is facing her own demons, she’s decided to stick around at Charles’ condo, where she attempts to find some closure. Whilst canceling the bills, a teenager casually saunters into the building, looking for their toothbrush. Dee Dee asks who they are and how they knew her husband. The teen awkwardly admits to staying with Charles, who let them crash there. Charles even helped them to get a job. Dee Dee asks if her husband was gay, but the teen doesn’t know or is too scared to answer.

Who was Charles having an affair with?

The grieving wife continues to investigate, paying Noelle a visit at her LGBTQ Center. Noelle is cagey at first, but cryptically answers all of Dee Dee’s questions. Noelle admits that Charles helped out a dozen people, those that were homeless, abused, or abandoned. She doesn’t know if Charles was gay but assumes that he was definitely exploring his sexuality. Dee Dee tracks down Evan, a man seen in a photograph with Charles. Evan confesses to having a sexual relationship with Charles.

What happens to Edward’s letters?

Lacey and John contemplate what to do with all of Edward’s letters. His aunt has counted over 200 letters, and she’s even sneaked a peek inside a few. She thinks crazy people are writing her nephew crazy letters that would traumatize the boy if he was to read them.

They decide to keep the letters from Edward but agree to stop opening any more.

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These two are really struggling to cope with their new responsibilities and don’t know how best to help Edward. Lacey tries to bond with Edward, but he is becoming more distant, arguing with his aunt on the odd occasion. He sees too much of his mother in her and it hurts him. In a gripping scene, Lacey talks to Edward about his mother, Jane. Taylor Schilling is captivating in these moments, retelling a story from her childhood about how amazing Jane really was.

Who is involved in Adriana’s love triangle?

Another subplot focuses on Adriana, who is running for congresswoman. A love triangle of sorts starts to form. She is of course, housemates with Kojo and Becks now. Adriana’s campaign manager sees a spark between Adriana and Kojo. But the Ghanaian has competition, Reverend Eric and Adriana have a history together too. Adriana asks the Reverend to help out with Akua’s funeral and he is more than willing to help. Kojo asks Becks to design a fitting decoration for her mother’s casket and Adriana secures them a beautiful venue. At the funeral, Adriana comforts an overwhelmed Becks. They went with Becks’ design, creating a stunning butterfly casket. Then later, they dance at the afterparty. Reverend Eric eyes Kojo. A rivalry is forming.

Further support group characters start to make a more vocal appearance. Lacey talks about her jealousy of her sister and a man called Sam speaks up. Then Amanda argues with a stranger called Steve. It appears Amanda’s husband Brent died in the crash and Steve is Brent’s brother. There is animosity between these two over Brent. Amanda loved Brent and they were engaged to be married. Steve had fallen out with Brent though after he became an addict. Amanda doesn’t want Steve to attend the meetings, but eventually, she agrees to coexist with her enemy.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

As the episode ends, the many subplots conclude. Dee Dee finds closure of some kind and offers the teenager her husband’s Rolex watch. Then Edward gifts his brother’s jacket to Shay, admitting that it doesn’t fit him and would look better on her. He sleeps on the floor next to his new friend, mentioning how he doesn’t know who he is anymore. Shay says, ‘join the club’. These two teenage outcasts are struggling to navigate their adolescent worlds, while Edward has to grieve his entire family on top of all this. Really, he is doing amazingly, regardless of these small hiccups.

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