Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – who is Edward’s stalker?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 17, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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The acting remains consistently excellent, and each subplot moves forwards at a steady pace, but “Haunted” lacks any real hook or drive. The storylines start becoming predictable and repetitive, with nothing to keep the viewer engaged.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 5, “Haunted,” which contains spoilers.

After surviving the plane crash, Edward (Colin O’Brien) was inundated with letters addressed directly to him from fans worldwide. Edward’s auntie and uncle tried to shield their nephew from these letters, but one determined individual managed to meet with Edward in person, even if her letters didn’t reach him.

In Episode 5, Edward seeks out this stalker while struggling with his troubling memories of the crash. The other cast members continue to move forwards with their lives. Adriana (Anna Uzele) reassesses her romantic relationships, Dee Dee (Connie Britton) opens up to the group more, and Amanda (Brittany S. Hall) relives her final moments with her fiance Brent (James Chen).

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

It is Amanda, who we concentrate on first. She lost her fiance in the crash and has since attended the therapy sessions with the other members, even when her sworn enemy, Steve (Brent’s brother), decided to show up. Amanda is shown items recovered from the crash site and finds her engagement ring in the portfolio. This triggers awful memories from just before the flight took off. The last time she saw her partner, they argued, and she broke up with him.

At school, Edward and Shay discuss the stalker in more detail. Shay finds receipts and drawings in Jordan’s coat pockets that may reveal who this stalker is. There is a doodle of the shrunken head and plenty of love hearts. Shay assumes that the stalker is Jordan’s girlfriend. Edward is angered by this notion, believing that his brother kept no secrets from him. If he were dating a girl, Edward would have known about it. Shay wants to investigate further, but Edward has had enough, and soon these best of friends fall out.

Why can’t Edward sleep?

Aunt Lacey worries that Edward is spending far too much time with Shay, and the fact that he sleeps over at her house every night isn’t healthy. She asks the group for advice, and one member tells her to set boundaries. Lacey addresses the issue with Edward, talking about growing up and becoming more independent. He accepts her terms.

That night, Edward tries to sleep alone but cannot get to sleep. He tells John he has awful nightmares from the crash, constantly envisioning the horrific crash site. John suggests heading to Colorado to prove to Edward that the field has been cleared as a therapeutic measure.

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John informs Lacey of his plans, although she thinks it’s crazy. The couple is struggling to control and support Edward; this is the best idea he can come up with. John tells Lacey that Edward is having nightmares. She tries to connect with her nephew and discusses the nightmares further outside of school. Edward asks to come with her into the city and to skip school, using Lacey’s own words about independence against her. In a bold move, Lacey allows Edward to skip school and spend the day in Central Park alone.

Who is Edward’s stalker?

After a few fond memories of his time with Jordan at the park, Edward heads into the city. He finds the girl stalking him in a store, thanks to Jordan’s coat pocket receipts. The stranger introduces herself as Mahira and directs him out of the store so they can speak in private, away from her uncle. Edward asks if Mahira is Jordan’s girlfriend, but she refuses to give him a straight answer. Mahira throws Edward an orange instead and asks him politely to leave.

Elsewhere in the city, Adriana is interviewed about her campaign trail, with Kojo and Reverend Eric Turner still vying for her love. The two romantic candidates meet for the first time and share an awkward exchange. Adriana tells Eric that she isn’t interested in the Reverend, even though they kissed the last time they were together. At the same time, things are heating up for Kojo, who nearly shares a kiss with Adriana that night. At the debate, Adriana holds her own and fights her opponents ruthlessly, gaining an exhilarating round of applause from the audience.

Dee Dee meets with her daughter Zoe for another sumptuous lunch. It doesn’t look like Dee Dee is cutting the costs just yet. She skirts around the subject of her time in Los Angeles, mentioning financial issues but asking to talk about those matters later.

Zoe explains her desire to travel alone and quit her education. Dee Dee is very against this decision but supports her daughter no matter what. At a group meeting, Dee Dee opens up to the others, confessing most of her husband’s sins. Afterward, Linda asks her to support her with an ultrasound scan. Dee Dee abruptly declines, saying she cannot be Linda’s mother. Eventually, Dee Dee changes her mind and attends the scan with Linda.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Amanda’s engagement ring is delivered in the post, giving the grieving woman further memories and mixed emotions. Steve greets her outside the meeting, and they decide to ditch the group, going for drinks instead. The two start to bond and even kiss, although Steve is engaged to another woman. This doesn’t stop them; the couple ends up in bed together. The two are drawn to each other the same way Amanda was to Brent. She says that the brothers have the same eyes.

In the end, John travels to Colorado and manages to bump into the exact man who pulled Edward out of the wreckage. This man drives John to the field where the crash site once was. John breaks down before praying in this field. He sends photographs back to Edward. In one of these snaps, Edward notices the man who saved him blurred in the background. The episode ends with Shay and Edward reuniting. He explains his run-in with Mahira and shows Shay the orange she handed him. There is a note on it to meet tomorrow.

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