Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – why did Mahira write to Edward?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 24, 2023 (Last updated: February 20, 2024)
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Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 6 Recap
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A slow, mediocre installment ends dramatically and emotionally. This seems to be Dear Edward’s formula, which can be hit-and-miss overall. In “Truth,” the format works effectively, concluding with another heart-wrenching final third.

In Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 6 these struggling characters own up to their past mistakes and confess their darkest secrets. They are unburdening themselves and finding catharsis in the process. Meanwhile, those who come into close contact with Edward (Colin O’Brien) yearn to know exactly what happened during those painful final moments, and Edward struggles to process these traumatic memories himself.

Since the crash, the victims’ close family and friends have been lying to themselves and each other as they try to bury the negativity and move forward with their lives, even with this overwhelming grief still weighing them down.

It’s another Dear Edward episode that starts slowly, building towards an emotional and dramatic ending.

In Dee Dee’s storyline, she struggles to come to terms with the financial woes that her dead husband has left her with. Angered by this betrayal, Dee Dee resorted to hurling her hammer into the walls of her family home. As usual, she attends the grief group, arriving early to find Steve asleep in the church basement.

The night before, he was in a bar fight and was left with a real shiner. Steve admits that he deserved this particular black eye after his deceitful actions. Steve cheated on his fiancee with his dead brother’s fiancee, Amanda. Dee Dee comforts Steve, and in return, he vomits all over her expensive jacket.

Later that day, Steve is forced into attending the meal from hell, as his wife-to-be Daphne insists on Amanda coming around for food. The fiancee doesn’t know about the affair, but the two adulterers seem unable to get through the meal without dropping huge hints.

Firstly, they are caught whispering together before the meal starts, and then the meal ends with a big argument. Steve says he wanted to make amends with his brother, Brent, but couldn’t. While Amanda tells Daphne the truth, Steve rejects Brent’s apologies, which causes a sober Brent to relapse again. Steve refuses to be held responsible for his brother’s actions, though.

Edward and Shay meet with Mahira, who wants to explain everything to the miracle boy. The trio sneaks into a museum without paying. Inside, Mahira confesses to Edward privately that she is Jordan’s girlfriend. They always came to this museum together; it is where they first kissed and had their first argument too.

Why did Mahira write to Edward?

Mahira explains that they had to keep their relationship a secret because her uncle is old-fashioned and refuses to let Mahira date. She says Jordan loved Edward and wanted to tell him everything, but he wasn’t allowed. This was all written in the letter she sent Edward, but he never received it.

Mahira wrote to Edward, so she could inform him about her relationship with Jordan and explain why it had to be kept a secret. Mahira then asks Edward to describe Jordan’s final moments, although it is far too painful for Edward to verbalize, and he lies about blacking out instead.

The meeting makes Shay extremely jealous; she feels left out and unimportant, sulking at the gift shop. After their chat, Edward returns to Shay, who is still angry about Edward’s behavior. She voices her opinion and then storms off.

That night, they have a sleepover, and Shay is still annoyed. Edward states how important Mahira is to him because she is the only person who genuinely knows what Jordan is like. Shay still feels slighted and ignores Edward when he says goodnight.

Adriana’s love triangle antics continue in the meantime. Her campaign trail is building momentum, leading to her struggling to find time for Kojo and Becks. She has an important fundraiser which clashes with Becks’ school play. The young girl has grown attached to Adriana over the weeks and wants her new mother figure to attend.

Kojo worries that this attachment will backfire, though, with them heading back to Ghana soon.

Who does Adriana choose?

At the fundraiser, Eric meets with Adriana. He flirts with his ex, saying she will win and have it all. He wants to be there for her, although Adriana attempts to distance herself from her ex-boyfriend. It seems like she isn’t going to make the school play, but Adriana manages to turn up just in time. Becks is over the moon that Adriana would show up, and of course, the candidate is swarmed by fans.

In the end, Kojo admits that he’ll be returning to Ghana soon; he has his family and business to care for. Adriana says that she’ll miss Kojo and Becks. Then Adriana and Kojo kiss before sleeping together. Adriana chooses Kojo over Eric.

There are further subplots in this busy installment. One involves Sam, a quieter grief group member, and another focuses on pregnant Linda. Sam meets a bartender, Vernon, who knows Ben (a dead passenger). Sam seems ashamed of his sexuality and, in a panic, phones Lacey for relationship advice. While Lacey helps Linda out with baby paraphernalia, offering her all their unused baby products and a place to stay.

How does Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 6 End?

Lacey feels sorry for Linda, but she has problems of her own. She’s going through a rough patch with her partner John, who is grieving peculiarly. John took a plane ride to visit the crash site and then sent triggering photos back to Edward.

The trip had a profound effect on John, yet the photographs affected Edward in negative ways. Lacey was left to deal with the consequences of John’s unusual actions. They discuss Edward’s letters, as he has been hinting at them since meeting Mahira. John is annoyed that Linda, practically a stranger, is now living with them. Their conversation quickly turns into an argument, and John walks out.

Dee Dee and Steve’s arcs intertwine again later in the installment. Steve returns Dee Dee’s jacket that he has had dry cleaned. He apologizes and confesses to everything. He abandoned his brother and then slept with his dead brother’s fiancee.

Dee Dee doesn’t know what to say but invites him in any way. Steve notices the holes in the walls, then looks over Dee Dee’s finances. Again, the series benefits from this touching ‘kindness of strangers’ angle.

That night, Linda and Edward talk in private as both are in the kitchen, unable to sleep. Linda wants to know if Edward saw her boyfriend on the flight and if he remembers any specific details. Edward is frustrated that Linda and Mahira have asked him about that traumatic event, and he refuses to answer.

Linda presses Edward for answers, though, in another tear-jerking ending. Edward says that Linda’s partner seemed nice and smiled at him. This is all she needed. Spurred on by his chat with Linda, Edward goes into detail with Mahira, over the phone, about Jordan’s final day, too, saying that Jordan was his hero.

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