Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – what is Sam’s secret?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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“Folklore” intertwines the many separate stories within Dear Edward, finding time to address these individual characters’ ups and downs. Again, some are more interesting than others, but each has a dramatic end. It can sometimes be meandering, but you can’t deny the urge to find out how it all ends.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 7, “Folklore,” which contains spoilers.

The frequent members of the grief group are starting to bond with one another in “Folklore” and decide to organize a garage sale to be rid of their dead relatives’ possessions. This is a therapeutic exercise and a goodwill gesture, with the proceeds going to charity. While the gang tries to do some good as they move forward, Edward (Colin O’Brien) goes through another rough patch with Shay. Most of the relationships in Dear Edward are in a similar turnaround, quickly reverting from dizzying highs to depressing lows as the individuals consider their future prospects.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

We start with Edward, who is now infatuated with his dead brother’s girlfriend, Mahira. They text one another that night. Edward even asks for a photograph of Mahira with Jordan in it, although she changes the subject and ends the chat. Shay realizes that Edward is talking to Mahira and continues to be green with envy, telling Edward that he cannot sleep over anymore. To make matters worse, Shay spies a man entering the home and ushers Edward out of the house immediately before they are spotted.

Who is Xavier?

This man happens to be Shay’s father, Xavier. Edward asks about Xavier while Shay practices for her roller derby tryouts the next day. Shay is dismissive and short with Edward, admitting that her parents did get divorced, but her father visits when he can get time off work.

Edward receives the all-important photograph from Mahira and ditches Shay straight away. At home, he crops Jordan’s face out of the image and stares at a smiling Mahira. Edward then turns up unannounced at Mahira’s place of work to drop off a note. His obsession is verging on creepy now.

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At the tryouts, Shay aces her audition. Edward and Xavier both watch from the sidelines. Xavier is unhappy to hear that a boy is sleeping over, and he tries to suss out Edward’s motives. Edward defends Shay and her hobby, but Xavier wants her to concentrate on golf. Xavier gets into Shay’s head, and she later declines to join the roller derby team, even though she got in. Edward attempts to change her mind, but she twists the conversation, saying that Edward must have a crush on her. Edward is falling for Mahira. As always, the friends fall out with each other, with doors being slammed this time.

Why does Adriana want to run away?

In Adriana’s storyline, Kojo tells his new lover that he is moving back to Ghana; it is official. Adriana then makes a controversial valedictorian speech, which garners bad press. Adriana suggests they run away for the time being to escape this bad press and all their worries. They hide out in the mountains. Kojo, Becks, and Adriana have a lovely hiking trip and camping. But the prospects of these two lovers living completely different lives on different continents are continually brought up. Kojo wants Adriana to move to Ghana with him, and Adriana wants him to stay in New York. Neither seems to be budging, though.

As we saw in the previous installment, Steve is creating Dee Dee a financial plan. Steve suggests selling the LA condo and her family home, but Dee Dee doesn’t want to make such drastic decisions. She won’t even accept Zoe going to a cheaper college. Dee Dee then receives a package through the post from Charles, it is their wedding anniversary, and he’d ordered her a bottle of expensive champagne to be delivered on the day. On its arrival, Dee Dee is filled with rage and hammers the wall again.

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Dee Dee’s daughter Zoe visits her mother to tell her more bad news. She is heading off on her adventures tomorrow, starting with Barcelona. Dee Dee pleads with her daughter to stay, saying that she needs her, but Zoe refuses. Eventually, Zoe postpones her trip to be with her mother in her time of need.

Sam finally finishes clearing out Ben’s storage unit and takes the items to be donated to charity. He changes his mind at the last minute, though. Sam recounts the story at grief group, stating how hard it was to let these precious items go. Linda suggests a garage sale, and Lacey chimes in, adding that she has all her sister’s possessions to get rid of too. Sensing the cathartic nature of this event, they all agree to the garage sale, with the proceeds going to charity.

What is Sam’s secret?

At the garage sale, it becomes painfully apparent why Sam has been acting so strangely. He has a secret, he is married, and his wife is called Sienna. Sam is clearly hiding his sexuality from her and his relationship with Ben. Unfortunately, Vernon attends the garage sale, scaring Sam further. He asks Vernon to leave, although Sienna introduces herself before he departs. There is an awkward tension between Sam and Vernon, but his secret is kept safe.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

There’s further tension at the garage sale between Lacey and her husband, John. He can’t help but tell the others about his trip to the crash site. This upsets the group, even making Dee Dee cry. Lacey takes John to one side and says how selfish he is being. That night, Lacey and John tell Linda and Edward about how they first met. This reignites a spark between the couple, and they sleep together. However, afterward, John says he is leaving and then packs up his things. John leaves that very same night. Lacey is dumbfounded, in utter shock at this sudden change.

“Folklore” ends with Edward watching as John drives away. He then receives a text message from Mahira; she says they must talk. Edward is excited to see Mahira again, but Jordan ruins this initial excitement. His dead brother and an imaginary friend tell him this isn’t good news. Edward explains that he loves Mahira because of Jordan. He then says goodnight to his brother, but Jordan has now disappeared. When Edward is feeling alone, he turns to his brother, but he cannot rely on him or his memory of him forever.

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