Missed Connections Review – a hollow rom-com lacking chemistry

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: June 2, 2023 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
Missed Connections review - a hollow rom-com with two leads lacking chemistry


A hollow rom-com with a mishandled gimmick and a lack of chemistry between the two lead characters.

This review of the Netflix film Missed Connections does not contain spoilers.

Let’s face it, the dating scene at the moment isn’t the greatest. So it feels hopeless when trying to find the right person. Romantic comedies like Missed Connections on Netflix offer a more hopeful look at what could possibly happen when you bump into someone in a grocery store.

Life unfortunately doesn’t work like the movies and that’s why these little gimmicks in romantic comedies are uplifting and fun. It gives people romance and the possibility of love in the future. And no matter what anyone tells you, everyone does want that one special person, but they do not try that hard to find them.

This rom-com has a unique little twist with dating apps and how differently it works. There are different apps for different purposes and this one allows people to find each other after just one encounter if they didn’t get their name or number. It’s an interesting concept, but it’s not that believable.

Missed Connections review and plot summary

After an unforgettable encounter at a grocery store, hopeless romantic, Mae, turns to an app to seek out a man named Norman, whom she just met — but is she really what he’s looking for? Mae is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend and fantasizes about their time together. It isn’t until she meets this cute boy at the store that she changes her outlook.

Norman could be a new possibility for her, a chance to move on from her ex. However, she leans too heavily into talking about fate and destiny in her romantic life that Norman doesn’t feel like this would work. Her personality is over-the-top and a tad intense because she wants to fall in love with someone quickly. She is so dead set on her own needs that she doesn’t take into consideration how he feels.

Missed Connections is a poorly made rom-com with no depth or emotional connection to the characters. It’s really difficult to sit and watch Mae and Norman go on this journey together because there’s no chemistry. Even if one party is not completely into the other person, there still could be chemistry present between them.

There’s not much to do with these characters because they are polar opposites and their relationship is tested early on in the film. It feels very awkward watching the two of them because of Mae’s approach.

Is Missed Connections good or bad?

There are better romantic films on the platform that explore social media and dating apps much better than what they did here.

Is Missed Connections worth watching?

The film is worth watching to see if Mae and Norman end up together, but the build-up to that conclusion is painfully slow. Both characters seem to lose momentum in the middle of the film and do not keep you engaged. It’s almost as if you as the viewer understand that Mae goes too far and that Norman feels uncomfortable.

It’s tough to watch because Norman just doesn’t look happy to be there and at least Mae is trying to make things happen.

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