Missed Connections (2023) Ending Explained – does Mae end up with Norman?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: June 2, 2023
2023 Netflix film Missed Connections Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Missed Connections which will contain spoilers.

After an unforgettable encounter at a grocery store, hopeless romantic Mae turns to an app to seek out a man named Norman, whom she just met — but is she really what he’s looking for? Mae is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend and fantasizes about their time together. It isn’t until she meets this cute boy at the store that she changes her outlook.

Norman could be a new possibility for her, a chance to move on from her ex. However, she leans too heavily into talking about fate and destiny in her romantic life that Norman doesn’t feel like this would work. Her personality is over-the-top and a tad intense because she wants to fall in love with someone quickly. She is so dead set on her own needs that she doesn’t take into consideration how he feels.

Living in your own fantasy land can do more damage than good, and in the end, Mae hurts herself because she doesn’t see what Norman is doing. It’s sweet that she tries her best, but it’s very clear with his body language that it won’t work between them. And it’s better not to force something between two people.

As the story goes on in Missed Connections, it’s interesting to see how Mae adapts to the situation between Norman and Julia. She slowly spirals into a frenzy because she wants things to work out. However, she learns more about herself in the process and changes for the better.

Missed Connections Ending Explained

After Norman breaks up with Julia, he is heartbroken at a bar. Mae goes to console him and ends up in a predicament. Mae is so head over heels for Norman that she doesn’t realize how she’s hurting herself.

He asked her to be his plus one at his little sister’s rehearsal dinner. She goes, and people are still saying they’re just friends and he has no romantic feelings for her.

What happens with Julia and Mae?

Just as she is about to tell Norman about her feelings for him and that she wishes they could be more than friends, Julia walks in. Apparently, it’s Mae’s fault that Norman and Julia broke up in the first place.

Mae acts all innocent, but she then reveals that she was the one who posted the photos. And was still adamant about Norman being with her.

Do Mae and Norman end up together?

After going crazy over this situation, Mae moves on with her life. She now understands that she doesn’t need to focus on social media or relationships in general. She must be comfortable being alone and understand who she is to move forward.

She ends up unfollowing Norman and deleting the Missed Connections app entirely.

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