Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – why can’t Edward see Shay anymore?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2024)
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“Music” is quite predictable and formulaic. Multiple plot points feel forced together, with lots of obvious plotting. Dear Edward does, however, manage to juggle various storylines quite impressively, and there is a rebellious delight in that final scene.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 8, “Music,” which contains spoilers.

Edward Adler (Colin O’Brien), aka the miracle boy, who survived a devastating plane crash, is clearly the main character in Dear Edward; after all, his name is in the title, yet he has been side-tracked somewhat by a large ensemble cast and each cast member’s specific subplots. In “Music,” the focus returns to Edward as he struggles to reconnect with Shay and Mahira (Jenna Qureshi) while his love of music dwindles.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Who will fix Edward’s piano?

At school, Shay ignores Edward, and he walks the corridors alone. Edward goes to the music room to reacquaint himself with the piano but finds a class in session instead. The teacher shouts at him, and Edward flees, panicked by all this overwhelming stress and anxiety. Lacey confronts him later about skipping school, and the two end up in an intense argument.

Edward needs his piano fixing but is extremely rude to his Auntie about it. During grief group, Lacey mentions her many personal problems. Her husband has walked out on her, and Edward, who happens to be a piano prodigy, is struggling, to say the least. She mentions the broken piano, and Amanda offers to fix it. It’s handy that this is Amanda’s job.

Adriana is juggling her own issues, still caught up in a love triangle, and dealing with mounting pressure at work, as she is running for Congress in New York’s 13th district. During a news interview, she is shown her controversial speech, which she says were her old views. Then the interviewer brings up her grandmother, stating that she paid Adriana a bigger wage than the other aides. Adriana feels ambushed, but all the questioning is truthful.

How does Adriana go viral?

Adriana viral due to these controversial clips and meets with Eric at a restaurant. Eric tells her to fight back and then holds her hand. The paparazzi snap this scandalous incident, and that picture goes viral too. Kojo sees the photo online, and so do Adriana’s co-workers. They urge Adriana to keep up the charade with only a week to go before voting day. Adriana is tired of the lies, though, and denies being back with Eric.

Dee Dee finally listens to Steve’s advice and puts her large family home on the market. She can’t help but meet with the potential buyers as they walk around her house. Dee Dee then looks around the properties herself with Steve’s help. She can’t take it all seriously, needing to speak with her daughter first. Dee Dee persuades Steve to help her break the news to Zoe.

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In quite a manipulative, cowardly way, Dee Dee forces Steve to relay all the bad news at dinner. Zoe is stunned by the update and the talk of changing colleges. The mother and daughter argue, and Steve ends up in the middle of it all, being punched in the face due to an ensuing scuffle.

Why can’t Edward see Mahira anymore?

Edward meets up with Mahira, and she says that they cannot meet up anymore. Mahira needs to move on and asks Edward to stop texting her. Edward is hurt by this rejection and cries alone in the museum. Later, he watches as Shay practices golf with her father. Amanda fixes his piano, but he refuses to play on it. Edward has lost Shay and Mahira quickly, yet he can’t bring himself to play, even though it would cheer him up. That night he buys supplies and builds Shay mini golf putting green to win her back.

In the many other subplots, Sam sends flirtatious messages and revealing photographs to Vernon. Sam’s wife finds the images on his phone, though, and we discover that he’s a father as well. John returns home to collect his paddle board, and Lacey tells him she threw it out. Later she finds it and goes on the waters on the board herself. It’s a therapeutic end for Lacey as she takes some independence and focuses on herself for a change.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

After a busy day, Adriana meets up with Kojo. These two get into an argument as well. Neither will budge and make sacrifices to be with the other. Adriana realizes they are too stubborn to relent, and the couple officially breaks up. Dee Dee receives an offer on her house and agrees to finally sell her family home, even with all the precious memories still lingering in each room.

Why can’t Edward see Shay anymore?

The episode ends with Shay and Edward meeting at school. Shay thanks Edward for the mini golf setup. She tells him that she is a woman now; she got her first period. Edward cannot sleep over anymore because she is growing up and maturing. Adding insult to injury, she returns all Edward’s belongings and says they will stay friends, but they won’t hang out much anymore.

Upset and angered by this betrayal, Edward heads straight to the music room, where he pushes the school piano down a flight of stairs, destroying the expensive instrument in the process.

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