Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – how does Edward find the letters?

March 17, 2023 (Last updated: Yesterday)
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Dear Edward continues to mix the downright depressing with hopeful optimism, working from the same tried and tested formula used numerous times before. “Paper Covers Rock” is elevated by stunning performances from Connie Britton and Taylor Schilling, with another powerful, emotional ending.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 9, “Paper Covers Rock,” which contains spoilers.

Edward’s (Colin O’Brien) whole life was forever changed when he survived an otherwise deadly plane crash. Since that traumatic day, he has tried to rebuild his own life and was starting to make real progress, even returning to public schooling. But all that progress was undone when Mahira (Jenna Qureshi) and Shay asked Edward to stay away from them. Unsure of his own overwhelming emotions, Edward retaliated by destroying one of the only things he still loves, a piano. “Paper Covers Rock” finds Edward in free fall while the grief group prepares for its final session.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Edward is questioned about the vandalism by Dr. Garrity at school. He can’t think of a good reason why he pushed the piano down a flight of stairs other than to hear the noise it would make. Edward is then told that he will not be attending this school any longer, they are going to try and find him the right educational environment, but it is not here. Dr. Garrity goes to call Aunt Lacey, and Edward does a runner.

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The miracle boy returns to Lacey’s home and finds Linda moaning in the spare room. Her pregnancy has taken a sudden turn, and she is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. This traumatic event triggers painful flashbacks for Edward, who remembers key moments from the plane crash. Lacey is soon reunited with Edward at the hospital. She repeatedly says everything will be alright, yet Edward doesn’t believe her. Lacey phones Uncle John to take him home.

Why does Edward think he should be dead?

John drives Edward to his place of work. The Uncle tries to bond with Edward on the way there, opening up to his nephew. He talks about his parent’s divorce when he was a teenager. That he smashed light bulbs in response, enjoying the noise it made. John was made to see a shrink and didn’t understand why he did what he did, either.

Edward feels understood and opens up in return. He tells John that he should have died on the plane and that he swapped seats with Jordan at the last minute. Jordan should have lived. They played rock paper scissors, and Edward won, so they swapped. Edward doesn’t think he should be here. John doesn’t know how to respond, though.

In the other subplots, Sienna confronts Sam about the text messages and photos he has sent Vernon. Sam is married with a child but has kept his sexuality a secret from his wife. Sienna demands to know the truth. Sam doesn’t know what to say. He tells her that Ben was his first love. They kissed and flirted, but they were never serious. Sam tries to explain to Sienna that he only loves her. Sienna isn’t convinced, though, and orders Sam to make a final decision.

Adriana continues to campaign, with the election only a day away. Her mind is elsewhere, though; she can’t stop thinking about Kojo. Today he leaves for Ghana with his niece Becks. Adriana misses her chance to say goodbye and feels like she is fully turning into her grandmother, a lonely, old soul. She races to the airport and manages to say a proper goodbye. Nothing has changed, and neither person has offered to move for the other, but they declare their love for each other regardless.

Why is it the final session of the grief group?

Dee Dee realizes that it will be their final grief group session and asks therapist Milo if they can throw a party to celebrate. Milo agrees, commenting on how cruel the airline is being for dropping the group so soon. Milo and Dee Dee believe that the airline feels they have justified the group and paid their dues, but this abandonment leaves the grievers stranded once again. Dee Dee knows how important the group is to her and the others; she will be lost without it. She calls up Steve, who is making soup dumplings with Amanda. He agrees to bring the food to the party.

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Later, Dee Dee meets with her daughter Zoe, totally surprising the student at her accommodation. Dee Dee opens up, stating that she and Zoe’s father failed their daughter. Dee Dee focused on appearances when she should have concentrated on Zoe’s needs instead. She tells Zoe about the affair and her father finding love in Los Angeles. Dee Dee is adamant that she can still change, though, and she promises to be a better mother and a better person on the whole. The mother and daughter then hug.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

How does Edward find the letters?

At John’s work, Edward is left on his lonesome. While at the hospital, Linda gives birth. Lacey supports her friend, but the news is bittersweet. She is over the moon for Linda, although seeing other people having babies hurts when Lacey cannot.

Bored at John’s work, Edward starts to wander around the place and quickly finds a box of all his letters. He reads through them all. The letters range from people grieving for their own losses all the way to conspiracy theorists.

There are religious fanatics, hopeful children, angry adults, and those in awe of Edward’s luck and purpose. This is absolute overload for poor Edward, who breaks down crying. Who knows what detrimental effect this will have on the miracle boy?

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