Duck & Goose season 1 review – simplistic but has no rewatch value

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 8, 2022 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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Duck & Goose is simplistic and cute but falls short of anything that kids (or parents) will want to watch or rewatch.

This review of the Apple TV+ series Duck & Goose season 1 does not contain spoilers.

A brand new animated series based on the New York Times bestselling book, Duck & Goose has hit Apple TV+. Is the series worth checking out? Let’s dive in.

The only thing I knew about before watching Duck & Goose was that I would play the game when I was a kid. I am not sure kids nowadays even know the game, but it was a blast to play.

Duck & Goose are playing a little game of tag until they stumble across an egg. Then, they want to become protective of the egg until it hatches. This was the theme for much of the show. They are just like any other kids where they hang out together (where were their parents?), play, have fun and do what kids do but as a Duck and a Goose.

One thing that does stand out is that the relationship between Duck & Goose is something that I loved. Of course, they don’t love the same things, but the show highlights that sometimes we should do things that our friends like to do to support them or even be there for them. I loved them highlighting stuff like this because kids (even adults) could learn from this and understand that it isn’t always about them. Another thing I enjoyed was the chemistry between Duck & Goose. Jecobi Swain and Connor Andrade voiced them, and they had worked great together.

For me, the Duck & Goose’s voices are incredibly annoying when they are talking. It is this high-pitched voice that feels like nails down a chalkboard. I guess good thing the show is made for the little ones. However, as a father, when you are looking for shows to put on for your kids, you know if they love it, you will hear them repeatedly. Because of that, you do not want to deal with annoying voices. So, parents, you have been warned.

Overall, Duck & Goose is quite charming and even has some moments of inspiration for the little ones. However, with that being said, the age group for which this is intended (babies to MAYBE 5-6), they aren’t going to be watching for inspirational tales. Therefore, I am a mixed bag on this one as I think it is cute but also very annoying. So, I recommend that parents skip this one with their kids.

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