Drink Masters review – another fun food competition series worth binging

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 29, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Drink Masters might have the same beats as other food competitions, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining or fun.

If you have a keen eye for fancy drinks, then the Netflix reality series Drink Masters might be for you – here is our official review of season 1.

Netflix has decided to shake up the reality competition game with a new reality series, Drink Masters. The series brings in twelve mixologists from around the world in a series of cocktail challenges to win the title of “The Ultimate Drink Master.” Is the ten-episode series worth checking out? Let’s dive in.

I’ve mentioned before that a reality show is only as good as the host. Without a good host, it doesn’t matter about the content of the series, and it just holds it entirely back. One of the enormous bonuses out the gate was the swagger Tone Bell brought to the table. He fits the bill as the host within mere moments of stepping into our screen. He was funny, and charming, and had a soothing voice to set the mood.

Mixed drinks have always been fascinating to me because I am a guy that loves to try all sorts of drinks, so Drink Masters piqued my interest. However, one thing that always catches my eye is watching the mixologist make the drink right in front of me. I don’t think people appreciate the art of creating a drink enough. I’m not talking about your typical drink; I’m talking about the people behind bars slinging drinks left and right with pizzaz. The sheer fact that they cannot only create this master class of drinks but remember each of the drink recipes can’t be easy.

It was the simple things about the series that blew me away. First, it was the way that they used pen and paper to map out the drinks they were creating. Then, it was the vast amount of different things they used within each recipe. And, of course, the presentation is downright gorgeous. But the fact it started with basics was cool to watch.

Drink Masters has some of the same structure as other reality shows. You have the first competition where everyone partakes in a specific theme (Deserts, Margarita, etc.), and someone is picked as the winner. Next, you have a bottom two or three, and they compete with the loser heading home. Regardless of the same beats, each episode was unique and different, making the mixologists step up their game. Also, if you are like me and try to predict who will be in the final three and the eventual winner, it adds an extra layer of fun to watch the show (side note: I predicted only one of the final three and not the winner).

Overall, Drink Masters isn’t reinventing the wheel in this reality space, but it did highlight some creative and fun drinks that made the entire series worth watching. If you are a fan of food-style competitions, this series will be for you, and I highly recommend giving this a binge. I hope the show succeeds because I would love to see a season two.

What did you think of the Netflix reality show Drink Masters season 1? Comment below.

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