Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: February 3, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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Most of the main characters now have their own subplots. Not all of these storylines are of equal quality or interest though. Dee Dee’s seems the most intriguing, with an excellent performance from Connie Britton keeping this episode afloat. Unfortunately, the other narratives are starting to lose steam.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3, “Stuff,” which contains spoilers.

Those affected by the plane crash are attempting to rebuild their own lives, but the disaster has unearthed many of the passenger’s deepest, darkest secrets. In “Stuff,” Dee Dee (Connie Britton) and Linda (Amy Forsyth) journey to Los Angeles to confront these secrets head-on, while the other victims try to recover in their own, unique ways. Eddie (Colin O’Brien) builds a bond with Shay (Eva Ariel Binder) and Adriana (Anna Uzele) with Kojo (Idris Debrand) in this sweet installment.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

This episode starts with Eddie and his family’s possessions being dropped off at Aunt Lacey’s. These items and, later, specific locations trigger painful memories for Eddie, who is still struggling to cope with the grief. Shay decides to take his mind off it all and researches the gift that the stranger left Eddie. The shrunken head comes from the Museum of the Odd and Peculiar. She suggests they travel to this museum in Manhattan to track down Eddie’s number one fan.

Why are Dee Dee and Linda traveling to LA?

Meanwhile, Linda and Dee Dee spot each other on the same flight to LA. I cannot fathom why these two are so eagerly boarding a plane after the disaster. I don’t think I’d step foot on a plane ever again. Anyway, Linda is off to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time, to tell them about her pregnancy. Whilst Dee Dee is off to investigate her husband’s secret condo. Linda isn’t too surprised to discover that Gary’s parents knew nothing of her existence or the pregnancy. She reiterates that she isn’t looking for anything in return, she just wanted them to know the truth. The parents are actually elated though.

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Dee Dee has less fun at the condo. She wanders the building in a daze. It’s like seeing another person’s life. Charles seems to be a totally different person in this home, with a guitar and vinyl player. Dee Dee then discovers a letter from Noelle with a return address on it. Of course, she heads straight to her husband’s lover’s house to confront the homewrecker. Noelle is actually married with a child and wasn’t having an affair after all. Charles volunteered at her LGBTQ youth center. Dee Dee is utterly bemused by every new reveal. She walks away in floods of tears.

How do Kojo and Adriana bond?

Kojo and Adriana reconnect. Adriana is having a slight breakdown, she decided to run for congresswoman, but she doesn’t have enough signatures. Her toilet is malfunctioning and she cannot sleep at night. Kojo offers to help her out with the signatures and the toilet. This allows for Becks and Adriana to bond. The niece finally addresses her mother’s death. Kojo and Becks aren’t faring much better, they have been kicked out of their apartment and are staying in a dodgy room beside a restaurant. Adriana suggests that they stay with her instead. Is love on the cards between Adriana and Kojo?

In Manhattan, Eddie and Shay are bonding too. They visit the museum, but can’t seem to track down the stranger. Eddie revisits his old apartment block and the falafel stand where he would hang out with his brother. These places trigger old memories and Eddie collapses, overwhelmed by it all. He rushes home and confesses to Lacey. She gets rather strict and orders him to never do such a thing again. Eddie storms off, although it is unclear whether he is angered by her boundary-setting or if it’s just what he needs.

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All of these smaller storylines continue to intertwine. Gary’s parents ask Linda to move in and she freaks out and calls up Dee Dee. The well-off woman is just in the middle of binning Charles’ clothes and is flicking through his photographs. One of the photos seems to indicate that Charles was possibly gay and still having an affair. She invites Linda over and they discuss their own private woes. Dee Dee is glad that Linda escaped. She then talks about her perfect marriage, admitting that it was all too good to be true. They mull over the letter from Noelle and Linda realizes that they attended a place where you can destroy cars and smash things up. They decide to check it out for themselves.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The episode ends with the stranger (you know the one who gifted Edward a shrunken head?) posting a letter to Edward. Possibly alluding to the show’s title. Lacey’s partner John picks up the envelope and adds it to a stash he is hiding in the house. It seems many people are writing to Edward or possibly it is all from the same person. Eddie has become quite famous due to the crash. These letters may be offering help or asking for advice, either way, I think the couple are doing the right thing hiding this from Eddie. I don’t think his mental well-being would cope very well with fan mail at this moment in time.

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