Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – what was Charles hiding from Dee Dee?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 3, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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Dear Edward cannot sustain the emotional devastation of the first installment for its entire run, but still does a decent job of producing further heartache. The grieving family members attend a support group and try to recover in their own ways, whilst the aftermath of the crash brings about new dilemmas and some rather big reveals.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 2, “Food,” which contains spoilers.

People grieve in different ways. For Edward (Colin O’Brien) it means he has stopped eating altogether and is now talking to his dead brother as if he is still alive. Episode two, “Food,” addresses the aftermath of the plane crash, as those closest to the passengers try to pick up their broken lives after the catastrophe. Most of the individuals linked to the deceased passengers join a support group and Lacey (Taylor Schilling) tries to help Edward the best she can, as the now famous, lone survivor moves into his Aunt’s house, sparking much media attention.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

We pick up moments after Eddie has been found within the wreckage, and the poor boy envisions a reality where his brother Jordan survived the crash as well. To help Eddie deal with all this trauma, he has created an imaginary friend out of Jordan and he continually talks with his dead brother throughout this installment. After the crash, Eddie is taken home by Lacey and John. They are met by crowds of onlookers and the full might of the media. Whilst Adriana attends her grandmother’s funeral and Kojo flies in from Ghana to care for his motherless niece, Becks.

Who attends the support group?

A support group is formed for the victims of this disaster. Dee Dee is in attendance, still shell-shocked by her husband’s death. She meets Linda (Amy Forsyth), whose boyfriend died in the plane crash. Linda confesses to Dee Dee that she is 16 weeks pregnant, before ranting about her sorry life. Dee Dee doesn’t know how to deal with Linda’s onslaught of misery but offers her a hug and a cupcake instead of any real therapy. The support group leader, Milo, soon arrives, followed by Adriana, Lacey, and the others. Everyone is eager to discuss Edward, the lone survivor, but Lacey admits, she lost her sister and her whole family in that crash. Everyone is struggling.

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Back at Lacey’s home, Eddie attempts to settle in. He talks with his dead brother. They comment on the strange food and the creepy atmosphere in the baby’s room. Eddie has nowhere else to go and accepts Lacey’s help, although he struggles to eat any of their food. Lacey informs Eddie that the airline is paying for a psychologist, but they are both there for him if he needs someone to talk to. Eddie has sorted this dilemma out for himself though and talks out loud to his dead brother all the time.

The grieving family members try to go about their normal lives. Adriana quits work and becomes a student at City College. Her colleague Cora asks to run for Congresswoman in Rose’s seat and Adriana agrees to endorse her. Zoe (Audrey Corsa) and her mother Dee Dee visit Charles’ grave, and the mother finally breaks down. Kojo tries to connect with his niece, yet she refuses to speak. He attends the next support group, asking for help with passports, housing, and his niece’s silence. Adriana puts him in touch with the appropriate people, using her contacts compassionately.

What secrets has Charles kept from Dee Dee?

Dee Dee meets with her financial advisor. It seems Charles had many secrets, which he kept from his wife. This goes some way to explaining the odd, cryptic message he left Dee Dee just before the crash. Charles was heavily in debt and had been fired from his job over a year and a half ago. Dee Dee was unaware; she didn’t know he had bought a condo in LA either. The financier advises Dee Dee to stop spending frivolously. She phones up a number and a woman responds, confirming her worst fears, Charles was having an affair.

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Eddie goes for a health check and the doctors worry that he is losing too much weight. Lacey is urged to fatten up the boy, or else he’ll have to be readmitted to the hospital. She takes him shopping, allowing the boy to buy whatever food he wants. Eddie goes for all the junk food. Whilst shopping, a stranger hugs Eddie, saying how sorry she is that he lost his brother. She also passes him a mysterious object, before running away. In this moment, Eddie realizes that Jordan is actually dead and the trauma sets in for real. This causes him to collapse, although the doctors believe it was due to dehydration.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

An emotional Lacey recounts this story to the group. Then she talks about how she has been trying to get pregnant for nine years. Lacey worries that she wasn’t meant to be a mother and she doesn’t know how to be a mother to Edward. Dee Dee and Adriana hug the grieving woman, comforting her the best they can. Then the rest of the group all join in. Afterward, Adriana manages to get Becks talking and Kojo invites her out for a meal. Adriana heavily implies that she now wants to run for congresswoman.

The episode ends by returning back to Eddie’s storyline. He finally eats, chomping on some of the junk food with Lacey and John. His Aunt then shows him to his new bedroom, the bunk beds have been replaced by a single bed. It’s a little late in the evening, but Eddie decides to visit the neighbors, taking the leftovers from earlier. Shay’s mother Besa awkwardly invites him in and he looks around Shay’s bedroom. The young girl is confused by this sudden arrival, one that defies all normal social cues. But Eddie is lost and he needs some home comforts. He asks to sleep over and for Shay to say ‘Good night, stupid’, the same phrase Jordan would use before the brothers went to sleep. It’s a painful reminder, Eddie is just a boy, who has lost his family. He needs love and attention and some normalcy in his life.

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