The Power Season 1 Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: May 12, 2023 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)
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Amazon Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 9 - The Shape of Power - Recap and Ending Explained


The Power never quite reaches its full potential, struggling to deliver on the earlier promises it has made. “The Shape of Power” is at times predictable and rushed, yet it sets up some intriguing subplots for a second season if the show is to be renewed.

We recap the Amazon Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 9, “The Shape of Power,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

The season finale of The Power, titled “The Shape of Power,” doesn’t necessarily conclude any of the show’s many subplots, but it offers up new beginnings instead, with the showrunners hoping for a follow-up season to continue their journey within.

The final installment finds time to explore every major character from the series as EOD leads to war and conflict in every nation across the planet.

The Power Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Starting in the Southern states of America, Eve (aka Allie) hides from the police as Sister Veronica’s body is taken away in an ambulance. The voice in her head justifies this tragic event; Eve had to silence Veronica for the greater good; she was a threat that needed taking care of.

Eve and the other girls transfer their abilities to the older nuns as they build an unstoppable army.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Roxy meets with her mother’s boyfriend, Derrick. She finds out that he was a copper investigating Bernie and his crimes. Derrick fell in love with Roxy’s mother during this undercover work, but he blames himself for her death.

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It’s evident that Bernie instigated the whole murder. This scared Derrick into burying his evidence and quitting the force as he saw the death as a warning sign.

Did Bernie order Roxy’s mother’s murder?

Roxy confronts Bernie, who quite quickly admits that it was all his doing; he ordered Roxy’s mother’s murder all along. Instead of killing her father, Roxy tells Bernie’s new wife about the cover-up before transferring her EOD powers over to Barbara Monke. Roxy then steals some jewelry and heads for the States.

Whilst in Seattle, Margot’s campaign trail gathers momentum. In her campaign video, she badmouths the opposition. Everything is looking favorable for the mayor. Her campaign team is worried about Ryan, though. In private, Helen advises Ryan’s parents to send their son to a summer camp for teens struggling with their EOD powers.

What does Urbandox want from Matty?

At home, Margot’s family continues to fall apart. Urbandox ask Matty to be a spy for them to bring down Margot’s campaign from the inside. Husband Rob starts to flirt with an interviewer after his secret split from his wife, and Jos is bullied at school because of Ryan.

Elsewhere, Tunde is released from imprisonment by Tatiana. The journalist gives Tatiana her sister Zoia’s exact location. Tunde is then freed; he passes on Zoia’s message before he departs. Tunde hears of Viktor’s death and the military’s advances in the region. He decides to go and warn Zoia of the ensuing attack.

Tatiana takes charge of Moldova in her husband’s place. Her first duty is to give the military Zoia’s location. It looks like Tatiana has sold out her own sister for overall power. Tunde hires a car and drives to Zoia’s base.

What was Tatiana’s plan?

Tunde drives straight into the war zone. He finds corpses everywhere, including that of Declan’s. Panicked, Tunde flees. He saves General Miron’s life and helps the man into his car. Miron says that Tatiana betrayed them and warned Zoia it was all a strategic battle plan. She led the army straight into Zoia’s trap. Tunde phones Ndudi and breaks down, emotionally broken by the sights that he has seen.

Back in the States, Margot tackles Daniel Dandon at a live debate. She battles hard and seems to be gaining the upper hand, even when Daniel mentions speculations that Rob leaked classified documents to the press.

What does Margot do to Daniel Dandon?

Everything is going smoothly until Daniel mentions Ryan, who Helen sent to a conversion camp. Margot feels slighted by her team; she didn’t know this had happened. Daniel calls her a liar and a fraud. Angered by this sudden twist and Dandon’s words, Margot unleashes her powers, shocking Daniel on live TV.

The Power Season 1 Ending Explained

In the final scene, Roxy travels to America to escape her father, who is now out for blood. She meets with Eve, who she has been following online. Roxy shows off her skills until Eve enters the water. She stops Roxy from using her powers immediately. Roxy is surprised and yet impressed by Eve’s powers to control other humans.

Roxy fights back, though, and manages to shock Eve, knocking her clean off her feet. Eve is equally impressed by Roxy’s powers. It looks like they’ve both met their match. Eve introduces Roxy to the rest of the gang, welcoming her to the family. Roxy now has a home to call her own and a formidable army to help train for the coming war.

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