The Power Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – how does Margot reveal her powers?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2024)
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Amazon Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 8 - Just a Girl - Recap


“Just a Girl” is an eventful, mixed bag of an installment. There are some powerful moments and plenty of action, yet other scenes are predictable or downright ridiculous. Overall, this is a highly entertaining penultimate episode, though one with many flaws.

We recap the Amazon Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 8, “Just a Girl,” which contains spoilers.

News starts to spread of revolutions popping up all across the globe. These rebellions inspire a collective uprising as women worldwide feel empowered by their EOD abilities.

Roxy (Ria Zmitrowicz) reaches out to Allie (Halle Bush), and Tatiana (Zrinka Cvitesic) is informed of Zoia’s (Ana Ularu) own circumstances. Meanwhile, the Cleary-Lopez clan is torn apart by polarizing views and the deadly influence of Urbandox.

The Power Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

One of the church members uploads Allie’s miracles online, and she instantly becomes an international hit. Roxy sees her videos in London but thinks this spiritual leader is a fraud.

It’s Roxy’s 18th birthday, and Bernie hands her a third of his company as a gift. Her intimidating antics have made her a fearsome foe in the criminal underworld, and Bernie is impressed by her new confidence.

Later that day, Roxy messages Allie, asking her how she did those miracles. Allie says that it was God’s work, but Roxy sees straight through her lies.

They playfully antagonize one another. Allie invites her to their church, although Roxy says she has a home here in England.

Roxy spends the day working with her older brother Ricky. He grows tired of her ego, though, and they fight. Roxy unleashes her powers on poor Ricky. At a nail salon, Roxy’s mother’s friends inform her that her mum had a secret boyfriend.

What is Ricky’s theory about the death?

Ricky offers Roxy ten grand to walk away from it all. He tells her that Bernie demanded Roxy attended his wedding. This implies that Bernie was involved in Roxy’s mother’s murder. He wanted Roxy out of the house when her mother was to be killed. Maybe Roxy doesn’t have a home or a life here after all?

In Seattle, Margot prepares for her campaign video. Tensions are pretty high in the family; Rob is still traumatized after the incident with the man setting himself on fire.

While Jos and Matty argue over their individual views. Jos worries that Matty is being radicalized, but the parents downplay Urbandox’s stranglehold over their son.

Matty lets rip, stating that he won’t be voting for Margot and won’t be involved in their campaign video. Angered by Jos’ words, he retaliates, uploading the video of Ryan using his powers to an Urbandox site.

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The filming goes terribly. Rob is awkward, and Margot finds out that her daughter Jos has been posting negative comments about her online. After filming, Rob takes the family on a camping trip to raise spirits.

How does Margot reveal her powers?

During the trip, Jos finds out that Matty has uploaded the video of Ryan. She tries to shock Matty, but Margot blocks the shot, inadvertently revealing her hidden powers to the group. Rob is angry that Margot kept this a secret from him. He tells her that after the campaign trail and the election, he wants a divorce. Rob is tired of not being listened to anymore.

Tunde and his boss Declan head to interview Viktor and Tatiana at the Palace. The guards seize Tunde’s equipment and soon discover he is a controversial journalist.

During the interview, Tunde tells Tatiana that her sister Zoia is a rebel leader and that she is now a mother too. The guards interrogate Tunde afterward. Declan turns on his companion to escape jail time, leaving Tunde to fend for himself.

Allie’s real identity is plastered all over the TV channels. Sister Veronica tries to turn her in, but Allie stops her from doing so. She uses her powers to manipulate Veronica and change her mind.

This sends Veronica into a trance-like state. Later, Sister Veronica’s eyes start to bleed, possibly from Allie’s actions.

The Power Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

The church members debate Allie’s future. Some are concerned that she’s a killer, whereas others are moved by her personal story. Allie recounts her troubled life and how God spoke to her when she gained her abilities.

Allie asks that the congregation call her Eve.

Why does Tatiana kill Viktor?

An eventful installment ends with Tatiana murdering her husband, Moldovan President Viktor Moskalev. Tatiana finally snaps after Viktor kicks her dog and calls Zoia a whore. To cover her tracks, Tatiana phones her stylist Solongo, who soon arrives. She kills Solongo and frames her for the murder.

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