Who is Rosa Peral? Convicted Murderer Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 8, 2023 (Last updated: September 12, 2023)
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Who is Rosa Peral - Convicted Murderer Explained

Who is Rosa Peral? We discuss the convicted murderer after releasing the Netflix documentary Rosa Peral’s Tapes and the Netflix series Burning Body.

Another day, another shocking true crime documentary.

Rosa Peral’s Tapes is a sad film that features incredible interviews with Rosa Peral from prison. Netflix has also accompanied this with a fictional series based on true events on the same day – Burning Body.

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Peral grants an interview with the filmmakers that offers her insight into the chilling murder of her ex-boyfriend. The former Spanish police officer and another police officer that she was dating were found guilty of murdering her ex-boyfriend in Barcelona in 2017.

Netflix has become very interested in the events around the case, releasing this documentary film and a six-episode series that dramatizes the sordid affair. You will, of course, be able to find our reviews of these shows on the site, but if you are a true crime fan, you may also be interested in some of the background to the case.

This companion piece will answer some of the more apparent questions behind the terrible affair, so if you are intrigued by what happened, give me two minutes to answer the question: Who is Rosa Peral?

Who is Rosa Peral?

Rosa Peral is a former Spanish police officer with Guàrdia Urbana, who was found guilty of the horrific murder of her ex-boyfriend, Pedro Rodríguez, who was also a police officer.

The body of Pedro was found in a burned-out car in 2017. Rosa, a mother to two daughters, was previously in a relationship with Pedro, but unknown to him, she was also romantically involved with Albert Lopez.

What did Rosa Peral do?

The burned body of Pedro was found in the car, which had been set alight, making identification almost impossible, as the body had been burned so badly, turning it to ash. It seems that the situation was manufactured to make the murder seem like an accident. However, an investigation would eventually lead to the arrest of Rosa and Albert, revealing the sinister and deadly love triangle that had been ongoing for many years.

Rosa would receive a sentence of twenty-five years in prison.

Why does Rosa Peral maintain her innocence?

The documentary features the first interview with Rosa from prison since her guilty verdict. It offers Rosa an opportunity to provide her side of the events. She always stated that Albert had been behind the horrific murder, and she had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Albert would claim that Rosa was the driving force behind the chilling execution.

Rosa would also claim that she was terrified by Albert, saying he had threatened to harm her and her children if she reported the murder.

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It could also be argued that the media tried Rosa throughout the investigation. There are moments in the film that explore the journalists’ roles in portraying Rosa, as well as highlighting the sensationalistic approach that seemed to surround the trial itself.

Rosa’s private life and her sexual activity were highlighted in ways that many felt were inappropriate and irrelevant to the proceedings.

Where is Rosa Peral Now?

Although the ex-police officer has appealed against the sentence, she remains in prison. The Supreme Court upheld the guilty verdict.

Netflix had also released a statement regarding action being taken by the parties involved not to release the series Burning Body, a dramatized account of the case. Still, it seems that they were not upheld, and the series has since dropped on the streaming platform.

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