Invincible Season 3 is already confirmed and will come out sooner than you think

By Kieran Burt
Published: April 5, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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Invincible Season 3 Potential Release Date & Plot Theories
Invincible Season 2 | Image via Prime Video

Invincible will return for Season 3 on Prime Video, with Mark’s adventures still far from over. His problems aren’t either, whether that’s small-scale personal and time management problems, or grander, more galactic issues like the loss of his dad Nolan to the Viltrumites, or the rebellion Thaedus is planning.

Beyond this, there are several loose threads that Invincible Season 3 can explore. The Sequids aren’t gone, the Flaxans could return and the Guardians of the Globe still need rebuilding. That’s not even accounting for anyone the show could introduce in the future, like the villain Powerplex or the hero Wolf-Man.

Invincible Season 3 Is Already Confirmed

It’s already been confirmed that Invincible will return for Season 3 in the future. This decision was made back in 2021 when Amazon renewed the show for seasons two and three at the same time. Fans will be assured that the show’s future remains safe.

Speaking to Polygon in September 2023, Invincible creator Robert Kirkman said that the show could run for eight seasons, adapting some of the comic or forging its own story.

“I’m trying not to pin it down to a number, because it is somewhat of a moving target. I think in the seven-to-eight-season range seems like it would be enough. But there could be some things we move through a little faster, some things we expand. If we’re fortunate enough to go for a good long time, I think that would be enough to cover the entire comic. And there are some things along the way that didn’t get into the comic that I’d like to do. I think it’d be cool to have some episodes here and there that are completely original. So that’s part of the plan moving forward.”

Amazon so far hasn’t committed to more than three seasons.

When will Invincible Season 3 be released?

Fans had to wait for an excruciatingly long time between the first and second seasons of Invincible and had to endure it being chopped in half, as a result of multiple factors.

Well, fans won’t have to wait as long for Season 3. Kirkman said to Collider back in November 2023 that the aim is for audiences to get a new season once a year.

“So, the goal is to try and get it as close to a season a year as we possibly can. I can’t guarantee that we’ll hit that.”

Steven Yeung, the voice of Mark Grayson, said to Collider in March 2024 that they’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to get ready for the future of the show, making sure the animation is done justice.

“For us, we know that this big break was not fun. We’ve been working hard to get a lot of backlog done. We wanna time this animation thing appropriately. So, yeah, we’ve been working. We’re banking episodes, we know what’s going on.”

All told audiences might only have to wait a year at most until Season 3, maybe even less. This is much better than the long gap between seasons one and two and makes the future of the show look bright.

What will happen in Invincible Season 3?

While a concrete plot hasn’t been announced yet, it’s unclear where Mark and his family will go. Here are some ideas.

The Sequid Threat Could Re-Emerge

Thanks to the ending of Season 2 Episode 6, audiences know that the Sequid threat isn’t fully extinguished, as Rus has once again become the host of the parasite. It’s clear there are continued plans for these aliens, and they might fully arrive on Earth if they aren’t stopped.

The Viltrumites Are Still A Problem

Another place for a season three to go would be Mark’s continued struggle against the Viltrumites. While he declined to join Thaedus and Allen the Alien in Season 2, he said he’d be there for the main fight, which could come at any time. Thaedus and Allen will be continuing to build their strength and start to plan for their battle.

Allen the Alien is Looking For Omni-Man

Allen has said that he’s looking out for Omni-Man, and if he isn’t rescued this season, Allen will likely start to reach out to others to free him. Once he does, it’s probable that he’ll let Mark know and the two will have to have another confrontation.

In Mark’s personal life, he’ll probably keep looking for the balance he so desperately seeks. His relationship with Amber and his college grades depend on it. He’ll have to try and strike a bargain with Cecil, which will be difficult, as threats to Earth don’t rest on the weekend.

One villain that has an altogether different concept of time is the technologically superior Flaxans, who haven’t been seen since the end of Season 1, which could mean it’s time for their return. They’re just a portal hop away, meaning they could appear at any moment.

Powerplex and Wolf-Man Could Be Introduced

Invincible Season 3 Potential Release Date & Plot Theories

via Image Comics

Finally, two new characters the show could introduce are the villain Powerplex and the hero Wolf-Man. Powerplex rose out of the destruction of Chicago after Omni-Man and Invincible accidentally killed his sister. It would be a personal villain, shocking Mark with the consequences of his power.

Wolf-Man is a more leftfield pick, but he’s one of Mark’s strongest allies in the comics. His origin is that he was on a camping trip when a werewolf bit him, and a vampire taught him to control his powers. Mark is always in need of more allies, after all, he can’t protect the world on his own.


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