Here’s everything that happened in Invincible Season 2 Part 2

By Kieran Burt
Published: April 5, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Recap (Episodes 5-8)
Invincible Season 2 | Image via Prime Video


The second part of Invincible Season 2 has come to a close on Prime Video, with a finale that was both full of action and gut-wrenching emotion. Mark and his family were left in a vulnerable position after Angstrom Levy’s attack, and he’ll have to reckon with the fact that he’s got his father’s temper in him. That’s not the only thing that happened, though. The Sequid threat has been extinguished for now, and the Guardians of the Globe took a beating. Here’s a recap of everything that happened in Invincible Season 2 Part 2.

Episode 5, “This Must Come As A Shock”

Mark helps the Thraxans rebuild after the Viltrumite attack. When it comes time for him to return to Earth, their queen Andressa asks him to take his half-brother with him. Back home, Debbie reluctantly agrees to take care of the young child. Cecil tries to take control of his care but is repeatedly denied. Donald confronts Cecil about being a cyborg, though for now is brushed aside.

Cecil gets a warning that the Sequids are on their way to Earth from Mars and that they know Shapesmith is a Martian. Shapesmith reveals how he got to Earth and accidentally released the Sequids. Cecil sends a team of him, Mark, Rudy, Monster Girl, Bulletproof, Black Samson, and Immortal to stop this threat. Rex visits Atom Eve to comfort her, and she joins them.

While the others leave to fight the Sequids, Rex, Dupli-Kate and Shrinking Rae plan a pizza party, but are interrupted when they have to defend against the Lizard League. This doesn’t go as well as they hope, which leaves Shrinking Rae and Kate seemingly dead, and Rex held at gunpoint. In space, the Sequids nearly overpower the heroes sent to stop them, knocking Eve unconscious.

In the mid-credits scene, Allen the Alien is revealed to be alive, with Thaedus making him stronger. Allen is tasked with recruiting Mark to the rebel’s cause.

Episode 6, “It’s Not That Simple”

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Recap (Episodes 5-8)

Invincible Season 2 | Image via Prime Video

King Lizard shoots Rex in the head, seemingly killing him. but he manages to get back up and pummel him to death. Globe Defense Agency (GDA) troops arrive at a brutally injured Rex, and Shrinking Rae turns out alive, but also severely injured. In space, Rudy makes a device to free Rus Livingston from the Sequids, which Invincible manages to deliver. However, Rudy and Eve are briefly captured by the space parasites. The Martians attempt to kill Shapesmith for freeing the Sequids, but the Guardians save him.

Debbie names Mark’s half-brother Oliver and gets a babysitter. Once the space team returns, they learn what happened to the Guardians that remained on the ground, with Kate’s death emotionally impacting Immortal. He delivers a heart-wrenching eulogy at her funeral. Mark and Amber have an awkward coffee, where Amber admits she’s upset Mark keeps abandoning her for his heroic missions.

At Upstate University, Rick returns and hangs out with William, and has nightmares about his past. Donald says he will be keeping an eye on him. In the hospital, Rex admits to Mark he wants to stop acting like a douche to people. Cecil attempts to convince Eve to join the Guardians of the Globe, but she rejects him. Amber visits her to talk about her relationship issues, and Mark visits Art to ask him for answers on the same issue. Eve and Art both say the two lovers need to cherish the small moments they can together. As Mark leaves Art, Art gives him Nolan’s science fiction novels.

Cecil tries to convince Immortal to take some time off, but he refuses. The Immortal attacks Allen the Alien as he arrives on Earth, forcing Mark to break it up. Allen reads some of Nolan’s science fiction books, and Mark says they’re all real and speak of things to hurt Viltrumites with. Allen leaves, promising to look out for Nolan. In prison, Nolan is interrogated but says nothing. Angstrom Levy returns to Earth.

During the mid-credits scene, Rus throws up a Sequid that immediately takes control of him.

Episode 7, “I’m Not Going Anywhere

Mark and Amber attend a comic convention together but are interrupted again when Mark must find Rex after he vanishes from the hospital. Rex apologizes and says that he owes Mark. Rudy tries to make a robot suit to “cure” Amber, but she doesn’t appreciate his repeated attempts to try to stop her curse. The Immortal attempts to resign, but Cecil convinces him to go on holiday, and promotes Rudy in his absence.

Donald then tries to resign, frustrated that Cecil has rebuilt him against his will. Cecil reveals Donald has been rebuilt more than once, and it was Donald’s choice to erase the memories. William alerts Donald that Rick is about to commit suicide as he can’t handle the trauma of being rebuilt, but Donald talks him down. Mark visits the dean of the university about his poor grades and attendance and is given one more chance to improve them.

Mark and Amber finally have a night to themselves, but it’s interrupted again, this time by the Viltrumite Anissa who threatens to snap Amber’s neck. She tries to make Mark prepare Earth for Viltrumite occupation, but he refuses. A kaiju attacks a cruise liner, and to prove her word Anissa helps defeat it. She once again tries to get Mark to accept the idea of a Viltrumite force on Earth, but he’s defiant in his beliefs, resulting in Anissa brutally injuring him.

When Mark makes it back to Amber, she breaks up with him, unable to cope with the idea she could be used as leverage against Mark and that she has no agency in the relationship. Mark leaves, and gets a call from who he thinks is his mother, but is actually Angstrom Levy revealing he’s holding Debbie and Oliver hostage.

In the mid-credits, Anissa fights Allen the Alien. Allen pretends to be knocked out so Anissa captures him and takes him to the Viltrumite prison ship.

Episode 8, “I Thought You Were Stronger”

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Recap (Episodes 5-8)

Invincible Season 2 | Image via Prime Video

Mark confronts Levy, and the two have a brutal fight across the multiverse. Debbie is severely injured trying to stop Levy. Mark loses control and kills Levy in a different universe, trapping him until a future version of the Guardians of the Globe saves him. Before he goes back home, an older Atom Eve confesses her love for Mark and urges him to either do the same for the younger Eve or gently put her down.

In his own time and universe, Mark is unable to reconcile with losing control and killing Levy, likening himself to his father. Cecil attempts to reassure Mark he was justified in killing Levy, but Mark refuses to believe this. He drops out of college to try and fully gain control over his powers. Dupli-Kate reveals herself to be alive to Immortal, and the pair lovingly hug. Rudy and Amanda make peace with each other after bickering for the whole season.

Allen the Alien speaks to Nolan in Viltrumite prison, where Nolan reveals he feels shame and regret over what happened on Earth, but above all he misses his wife.

You can read an in-depth breakdown of the final episode in our Invincible Season 2 Ending Explained article.

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