Who killed Pedro in Burning Body? Netflix Series Explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 9, 2023 (Last updated: September 12, 2023)
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Who killed Pedro in Burning Body - Netflix Series Explained

A vital question in the Netflix series – Who killed Pedro in Burning Body? We discuss this question and give readers our perspective on the answer. 

As the series draws closer to the end, the audience is presented with a pivotal trial. Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez have opposing testimonies regarding the murder of Pedro Rodríguez, providing a confusing experience for the audience as they await the conclusion to land.

Burning Body purposefully provides the audience with different stories presented by Rosa and Albert before the prosecution offers the ultimate reconstruction of what happened on the night of Pedro’s death.

Is this to show the delusion of Rosa and Albert’s naivety and arrogance by believing they could get away with murder by blaming each other? Or is this a show of absolute insanity by two adults entangled in toxic love?

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That’s for the audience to decide.

What was Rosa Peral’s and Albert Lopez’s testimony in the trial?

In short, Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez blamed each other for the death of Pedro Rodríguez, but for different reasons. They did this, hoping they’d be given a softer sentence, while the other went to prison for a lengthier time. 

Rosa Peral claimed that Albert was jealous and unable to handle the relationship between Rosa and Pedro. In his jealousy, he killed Pedro and forced her to dispose of the body. Rosa states she had to do this because Albert was also threatening to kill her children. Throughout the ordeal, Rosa used her children as an emotional crutch.

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However, Albert Lopez had a different story. He claimed that Rosa feared Pedro would find out about their affair. And then, one evening, she killed him after an argument with Pedro. Albert states that when he arrived at Rosa’s house, he helped her dispose of the body out of his love for her.

Who killed Pedro in Burning Body?

In the trial, investigators put forward a different hypothesis, completely derailing both stories by Rosa and Albert. The police believed that Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez planned to kill Pedro Rodríguez after they thought he found out about their affair.

The police reconstructed the entire crime scene, matching phone records and cell tower triangulation to place the toxic lovers together at the same time as Pedro’s murder. They also compiled evidence of the disposal of Pedro’s body, including decoys like Rosa using Pedro’s phone to convince his family and friends that he was still alive.

Witness testimony also helped matters, with one of Albert’s colleagues claiming that Albert asked him, in a jestful way, how to dispose of a dead body after murdering someone.

The evidence aligned far better with the police’s reconstruction. While Rosa and Albert covered their tracks as best as possible, they forgot to consider forensic methods like cell tower triangulation and prosthetics in Pedro’s back after he had major surgery (this was significant evidence for recognizing his body).

This made for a gripping end to the series, which firmly claims to be based on true events. Either way, the direction and storytelling were well thought out.

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