Where are Rosa Peral’s daughters now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 9, 2023 (Last updated: September 12, 2023)
Where are Rosa Perals daughters now

Where are Rosa Peral’s daughters now? We discuss the convicted murderer and the whereabouts of her daughters today.

Netflix has never shied away from true crime. The genre has grown in popularity over the last few years, and more and more platforms have embraced this trend, providing people with what we can only assume is what they want.

The tragic case of Rosa Peral seems to have been highlighted by Netflix, with a documentary film and a dramatized series covering the chilling tale. Ex-police officer Rosa was part of a love triangle that played out over the years, ending with one party found dead in a burned-out car.

Rosa and another police officer, Albert Lopez, were eventually found guilty of the murder of her ex-boyfriend Pedro Rodriguez. The situation would become a media frenzy in Barcelona, Spain, as the shocking revelations surrounding the case would be brought to light.

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Even after extensive investigations and court cases, the complicated and complex narrative still has many unanswered questions. You can find our reviews of both shows right here on the site, and with a story so involved, it makes sense to offer further commentary on the complicated series of events.

Often, the innocent end up becoming victims of such stories, and Rosa, who received a twenty-five-year prison sentence for being part of the crime, would leave her two daughters shocked, stunned, and reeling from the conclusion of the trial.

This article will briefly examine some of the case’s fallout and answer the question: Where are Rosa Peral’s daughters now?

Who are Rosa Peral’s daughters?

Rosa met and fell for Ruben when she was only sixteen. The couple would meet at a nightclub, and despite Rosa not immediately falling for Ruben, they soon began dating. Rosa and Ruben would have two daughters together, and Rosa, now working in the police force, would grow close with co-worker Albert Lopez.

Further stories would emerge of Rosa and another affair with an inspector on the force called Oscar, muddying the water further and complicating her private life even more.

The Netflix documentary Rosa Peral’s Tapes shows Rosa explaining her priority was always her two daughters.

Part of her defense involved her acting like she did, as partner Albert threatened her and her daughters. Pedro, however, seemed happy to be involved with Rosa’s girls, and they would all go on a skiing holiday two months before his death.

With such a high-profile case, the daughters of Rosa have been protected as much as they could from the press and media. We know one daughter is named Emma, and at the time of writing, that is all the information available.

Where are Rosa Peral’s daughters now?

With the spotlight again being turned to this case, steps have been taken to try as much as possible to prevent information about the girls from being revealed. The Netflix documentary and the TV series Burning Body will ignite interest in the story, but we should never forget that real people are involved in this situation.

Reports indicate that Rosa is still in contact with her daughters, and we can assume that they are either living with grandparents or possibly their father and hopefully being shielded from the current storm surrounding the story.

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