Burning Body Season 1 Ending Explained (in detail)

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 8, 2023 (Last updated: September 12, 2023)
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2023 Netflix series Burning Body Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

We recap the 2023 Netflix series Burning Body Season 1 Episode 8, “May 1st, 2017,” which will contain significant spoilers and discuss the ending.

As we reach the finale of Burning Body, we must ask ourselves, how do we feel? This drama, allegedly based on real events, poses quite the case study for Rosa Peral. What does this series say about the convicted murderer? Do you believe this story? Or do you sense it’s sensationalism for the purpose of a binge session?

Let’s dive into the finale, which had a lot at play.

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Burning Body Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The finale opens up with Rosa remembering an exciting time with Albert — a thrilling rollercoaster ride. This is likely metaphorical to how she feels about Albert compared to her time with Pedro. Their relationship is undoubtedly thrilling despite the toxic nature of it.

It then flits to Rosa with Pedro Rodríguez at the supermarket. A mundane day in comparison. She speaks to someone on the phone, calling them “dummy,” and talks vaguely about leaving the area once they’ve “done the thing.” 

In the present day, during the trial, this phone call is used as evidence by the police — the theory is that “dummy” is a nickname used by Rosa to Albert, and “doing the thing” is code for murdering Pedro.

In court, the police are collating events on what happened to Pedro on that fatal day — May 1st, 2017.

What happens at Rosa and Albert’s trial?

A lot happens in court as the police present their evidence for the prosecution, so we’ll break it down as best as possible. The episode is delivered in a way that treats the flashbacks like a reconstruction described by Mrs. Varona, who represents the police. 

Was Rosa in a toxic relationship with Pedro?

The evidence mounts, with police providing exhibits that suggest Rosa Peral was in a toxic relationship with Pedro. Flashbacks show Rosa arguing with Pedro but then apologizing, hinting that she may be pregnant.

Rosa shares a good life with Pedro, and flashbacks show that Albert is bothered by her relationship. Meanwhile, Pedro is excited at the prospect of having children with Rosa and wonders if she could take a break from her career. Rosa does not appear amused by the idea.

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This blows into an argument, with the couple arguing about Pedro’s suspension from the police force. Pedro blames Rosa for driving him mad. Tellingly, Rosa’s daughter Sofia watches this argument in the back of the car. We forget the impact these kinds of scenarios have on children. The series has done well to show the effect it had on Sofia.

What happened on May 1st, 2017?

The police continue to reconstruct that fatal day, coupled with flashbacks: Rosa rings Albert, telling her that they must “do it tonight,” which heavily implies murdering Pedro. Rosa tells him she cannot take it anymore. It doesn’t take much for Albert to be swayed. He’s too far in. His love for Rosa is too profoundly entangled. 

Rosa checks up on her daughter, who is wide awake in bed. She tells her mother she wants to have a dog at Pedro’s house; she has become accustomed to Pedro as a role model.

The police believe that Rosa drugged Pedro to make the murder easier, which is why they could not find any of Pedro’s medication in the house when it was searched. Scenes show Pedro feeling tired at dinner.

The reconstruction continues, and Pedro falls asleep in the basement. The police used phone cell signal triangulation to detect Albert going to Rosa’s home on May 2nd, 2017, just after midnight. They believe that Albert brought his personal phone by mistake. This feels like a massive mistake by Albert – maybe he wanted to be caught?

Rosa checks up on Pedro, who is half awake — he wants affirmation that he is loved. Rosa tells him that she loves him as he enters deep sleep. The series continues to portray Rosa as a reckless and evil human being.

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Back in court briefly, the police explained that they burned Pedro’s body to remove all evidence, and if it weren’t for the screws, they would not have been able to identify him. Blood samples in the basement also confirmed Pedro’s DNA.

The police’s story continues with flashbacks. Rosa and Albert killed Pedro and then put him in the trunk of his car. When they return to the house later in the morning, the daughter asks where Pedro is, and Rosa lies, stating that she and Pedro had an argument and that he left.

Why did Rosa impersonate Pedro?

The police claim that Rosa impersonated Pedro to make out that he was still alive by using his phone and then explaining that Pedro stormed out of the house. The police also revealed that Rosa’s father lied about seeing Pedro in the house, alive, after his death. He later recanted his statement.

Flashbacks then show Rosa and Albert setting the car on fire in the middle of nowhere, with Pedro’s body inside. They both watch the fire burn, like some funeral ceremony. There appears to be no shame but silence as they muster their thoughts.

Back in court, the police, represented by Ms. Varona, conclude their testimony. It was a damning one and provided substantial evidence of the evil killing of Pedro.

Burning Body Season 1 Ending Explained

In prison, Pedro’s wife visits Rosa and asks if she feels any sense of guilt. She’s angry that she shows no emotion and wants to know the truth.

And afterward, despite the overwhelming evidence, Albert provides a closing statement stating his innocence. Before Rosa’s statement, her lawyer tells her to remain calm. She claims she wants justice and Albert to pay for “what he did.” Her lawyer appears dismayed that she only said that. Rosa, for some reason, did not follow her lawyer’s advice.

What was the verdict?

Albert Lopez and Rosa Peral were given the verdict of guilty of first-degree murder by the jury. Rosa gets 25 years in prison. Albert got 20 years.

It’s fascinating that Rosa got more years. The evidence against her must have been far more compelling to warrant a longer sentence.

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Scenes show Rosa’s parents at home, stunned in silence. They have lost their daughter. Rosa’s ex-husband visits them to collect his daughter.

What does Rosa tell her daughter, Sofia, in prison?

In prison, Rosa’s daughter Sofia visits her. She is a little older now and has an air of attitude about her. Rosa tries to converse with her, but it isn’t easy. She tells her daughter to protect herself. Sofia asks her mother why she didn’t want to see her for three years. Rosa states she was ashamed of herself. She promises they’ll see each other soon and that her trial was a disaster, so she’s confident of an appeal. Sofia looks unconvinced as Rosa holds back the tears.

But interestingly, Rosa still claims she is innocent.

When Rosa returns to her cell, she weeps. As the series ends, title screens confirm that Rosa’s appeal was denied, and she will be released in 2042.

I suspect many will leave this series with mixed feelings. While Burning Body is undoubtedly entertaining, we have to question its authenticity with the claim that it’s based on real events. If the story is 50% true, then Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez deserved their outcome.

What did you think of Netflix’s Burning Body Season 1 Episode 8 and the Ending? Comment below with your thoughts.

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