Is Burning Body on Netflix based on a true story?

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 8, 2023 (Last updated: September 9, 2023)
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Is Burning Body on Netflix based on a true story

Is Burning Body on Netflix based on a true story? We discuss the highly anticipated Netflix series and its authenticity. 

With true crime becoming so popular, it always surprises me that there aren’t more crime dramas being made for streaming. The genre is so hot now that everything crime-based finds an audience, so it only makes sense that crime drama should also attract many watch hours.

Netflix has a limited miniseries called Burning Body that will surely excite fans of the genre.

However, it is easier to mess such a show up as it is to get it right, and with eagle-eyed viewers well-versed in procedural dramas and solving mysteries, we hope that the creative team behind Burning Body is on the ball.

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One way to add an element of authenticity to your show is to use a real-life case as the tent pole of your production.

With that in mind, we are taking a quick look at Burning Body, laying to rest the one question viewers have: Is Burning Body on Netflix based on a true story?

What is Burning Body on Netflix about?

The series is a harrowing story that starts in Barcelona. Set in 2017, the burned body of a police officer named Pedro Rodrigues was found in the trunk of a car deliberately set alight.

The car and body are found at the Foix Reservoir, and it kick starts a grizzly investigation into the events leading to Pedro’s death.

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Betrayal, deceit, and lust seem to be driving forces in the series, as viewers are slowly drip-fed the details behind the shocking murder, uncovering secrets and lies among the police force themselves.

Is Burning Body on Netflix based on a true story?

Yes, the premise behind the series is based on true events. Horrifically, the murder of the police officer in the burned-out car happened, as does the investigation of his colleagues.

There is obviously more to the case than meets the eye, and the focus shifts to the dead man’s partner and her lover.

Is Burning Body on Netflix based on real people?

This highly anticipated and shocking Netflix miniseries stars Úrsula Corberó, whom you might remember from Money Heist, and Quim Gutiérrez, who starred in Honeymoon with my Mother playing Rosa and Albert, the two police officers that may know more than they admit and are filled with secrets about the murder and the corruption of the force they work within.

The showrunners have undoubtedly taken some creative liberties with the show, as the series is a crime drama based on real events. For the show to work, there will always be some license given to allow the story to be told, but it does appear that the main characters in the show are all based on real-life counterparts, making the series even more chilling.

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