Where is Rosa Peral’s Ex-Husband Now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 11, 2023
Where is Rosa Perals Ex-husband Now

Where is Rosa Peral’s Ex-Husband Now? We discuss the convicted murderer and the whereabouts of her ex-husband, Ruben Carbó.

Netflix has released two productions that cover the shocking story of a love triangle that leads to tragedy and death. Burning Body, a dramatized series, and Rosa Peral’s Tapes both cover the events that surround the true-life crime that left one man dead.

The body of Pedro Rodriguez was found in his car.

The car had been set alight, making the body almost impossible to identify, and the investigation into the event would reveal a complicated and complex web of deceit involving police officers Rosa Peral and her co-worker and boyfriend Albert Lopez.

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The investigation would lead to the arrest of Peral and Lopez and a murder conviction that would see Peral jailed for twenty-five years and Lopez receiving a twenty-year sentence. During the trial, each would blame the other, but the judge and jury would carefully examine all the events and try to form a picture that could explain what had happened.

In the documentary, the filmmakers were allowed access to Peral, and she would be given a chance to give her side of events.

Supporters of the ex-police officer would say she had been tried by the media, who were accused of sensationalizing the case and had often dwelled on the personal life of Peral, using events from her past, including her relationships, to depict her in a certain way.

However, at the heart of the situation are real people with real lives, and although the circumstances are extreme and not the norm, there are those in the gravity of the incident who are also unfairly swept up in the disaster. Peral was married at a young age to Ruben Carbo, and the couple would have two daughters together.

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Their relationship would also become a focal point in the trial, with Ruben’s current partner also offering up information in the trial, information that would be controversial and damning.

If you are a true crime fan, I am sure that you will be looking at every facet of this incredible case, and this companion piece is here to answer one of the questions that may be on your mind: Where is Rosa Peral’s ex-husband now?

Who is Rosa Peral’s Ex-husband?

Ruben Carbó is Rosa’s ex-husband. The two had met at only sixteen and would marry and have two daughters together. By 2016, the couple had parted ways, the relationship breaking down, with many inferring that Rosa was cheating on Ruben with another colleague.

Her relationship with Albert Lopez would appear to be an early catalyst for the horror that was to come.

Ruben would allege that Rosa wanted sole custody of the girls and had taken steps to make sure that would happen. Rosa would file complaints against the father of her children and try to find damning evidence that swayed things in her favor.

After the murder of Pedro, they appeared to try and implicate him in the crime. He was cleared of all involvement.

Where is Rosa Peral’s Ex-husband Now?

Understandably, it seems that Ruben Carbó has been keeping away from the spotlight that has shone upon him and his daughters since the release of the Netflix documentary and series. Ruben would enter into another long-term relationship after his marriage to Rosa ended, and it is reported that Ruben and his partner Antonia live in Barcelona with his two daughters.

it is reported that Rosa’s daughters visit her in prison on a regular basis.

Is Javier Guerrero from Burning Body based on a real person?

Yes. In the series Burning Body, the character Javier Guerrero is based on Ruben, the ex-husband of Rosa.

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