Wilderness Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – What did the police find in Cara’s locker?

September 15, 2023 (Last updated: 6 days ago)
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Wilderness Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - What did the police find in Cara's locker?


“Like Mother, Like Daughter” is full of explosive moments setting us up beautifully for the finale.

This recap of the Prime Video series Wilderness Season 1 Episode 5, “Like Mother, Like Daughter,” contains spoilers.

We get a jampacked, emotional penultimate episode of Wilderness before the finale. Liv’s mom figures out that Will was cheating on Liv with Cara, Liv realizes that Will was cheating with someone else, and Garth’s release from jail leads to an explosive brawl.

Wilderness Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

We get a montage of Liv’s mom freaking out on her for not calling her back while Garth is being put in the back of the cop car. Shortly after, Will returns home to see Caryl, who tells him that she’s heard all about this girl, Cara. Will brings Liv into the bathroom and pleads that she didn’t tell her mom what happened.

What did the police find in Cara’s locker?

As the cops question Garth, they ask if he ever went to the gym with her, and he says no, it was her thing. So Detective Wiseman reveals what Cara had in her gym locker. It was 40 thousand dollar cash, proof of ID, and papers where she was looking for a new place to live.

Detective Rawlings shows up to inform Liv that they have arrested Garth for the murder of Cara. She was there to get a reaction out of Liv, and Liv didn’t act surprised. Before leaving, the Detective laid photos of Liv and Cara leaving the gym, but Liv stuck by the story that she hadn’t met Cara before meeting her on the hiking trip.

Two men who were at the bar the night of Cara’s murder spoke to the police about how they saw Cara leaving the restaurant area to head back to her room. This puts her back in the hotel room where Garth had broken open a couple of bottles of alcohol. So, if he lied about their happiness, what else is he lying about?

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Garth calls Liv to plead for her help saying what the police are saying is 100% wrong. He knew she planned on leaving him that night but didn’t know why, and he wanted to know what she told her. However, Liv stays silent. The camera pans to the police station, where Detective Rawlings releases that Garth had called Liv.

What did Caryl find in Will’s dresser?

Caryl confronts Liv about Will cheating on her. She asks if she knew it was Cara and shares that she found six Polaroids in his bedroom dresser of Cara in various lingerie. After telling her mom she is staying, Caryl blackmails Liv by saying she would go to the police.

Will and Liv head out for dinner where he pitches the idea of them having a baby. He explains further that he believes she will be a great mother and that the big scare made him realize how much he wants more out of life. As this happens, Liv’s mother is ransacking their house looking for details on what is happening in their relationship.

What does Liv realize about the photos?

Caryl blackmailed Liv saying that she would take the photos to the police if she didn’t return home to her. However, Liv made her realize that if she took the pictures to the police, Will wouldn’t be in trouble — she would. Liv said she didn’t mean to do it, and her mother comforts her. We see Liv sitting alone on a bench where she looks at the photos and realizes that the girl in the pictures isn’t Cara, but another woman Will cheated on her with.

Wilderness Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Liv confronts Will about the photos, and after she pushes him to tell her who it is, he tells her it is Marissa, Cara’s friend. Liv begins to wreak havoc, breaking things in the house. Moments later, Garth walks in the door and begins to threaten Liv with a gun. He asks Liv who Cara was cheating on him with, and Will says it was him.

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After a massive brawl between Garth and Will, Liv tried to grab the gun, but Garth grabbed her by the throat saying it was her that killed Cara. As she gasps for her last breath, Liv is able to grab a rock and hit Garth over the head as the episode ends.

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