Wilderness Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

September 15, 2023 (Last updated: 6 days ago)
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Wilderness Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained


Wilderness Season 1 ends with some strong and some befuddling moments.

This recap of the Prime Video series Wilderness Season 1 Episode 6, “Where White Knights Go To Die,” contains spoilers for the episode and the ending of Wilderness Season 1.

We have reached the season finale of Wilderness, and it does not disappoint. Will tries to make the next step by putting in a transfer at work while Liv wants a divorce. However, when Will blackmails her, Liv decides to take matters into her own hands.

Wilderness Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Liv is at the police station being questioned about what happened with Garth. Detective Rawlings questions why Garth would come to their house shortly after being released. Liv asks if they will charge her, and Detective Wiseman advises that they are working this as a castle doctrine. After the questioning, Rawlings tells Wiseman, “It’s almost as if she wanted the book thrown at her.”

Does the District Attorney charge Liv?

Before Liv leaves the station, Detective Rawling informs her that the District Attorney has resolved the case as criminally negligent homicide. This means that Liv will not be charged in the case.

Will comes home from work to say that he put in for a transfer. They will head back home to the London branch, ask his parents for a house, and dress the whole thing up as a promotion. After discussing his plan, Liv looks at him and says she wants a divorce.

Liv gets home to explain to Will that they should both get lawyers. He says that she is his wife, and they aren’t getting a divorce. Liv tells him that she has just been “with” Ash. Will gets loud and begins to lay out how he will blackmail her by telling the police that it wasn’t self-defense, that she purposely killed Garth.

Will’s work throws him a going away party, and Marissa calls Liv to inform her of it. Liv makes quite a scene by giving a toast which pisses off Will. Outside, Liv and Marissa share a conversation, and Marissa apologizes for what she did (sleeping with Will). Moments later, Will catches them talking, and it again pisses him off. He puts Liv in a cab.

Although Will has the upper hand, Liv uses the voice memo on her phone to get him to admit that it was self-defense when Liv killed Garth.

What video did Liv leak to the police?

As Liv and Will are about to board the plane, they are stopped by a TSA agent who tells them to come with him. Detective Rawlings and Wiseman arrive to talk to the couple. Detective Rawlings said they got sent a video last night, and it was Cara and Will’s sex tape.

They arrest Will on the spot for the suspicion of killing Cara. As they walk him out, he pleads with Will saying he didn’t do this. After they leave, Liv is smiling in the chair. At the station, Will admits to the affair but denies having anything to do with killing Cara.

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Detective Rawlings and Wiseman begin to question Liv, and they tell her he can never hurt her anymore by helping them with the truth. She begins to recant her statement to the police, putting into question that he could’ve been the one that murdered Cara.

We fast forward three months later, and Liv and Ash are walking around Central Park. She gets a phone call from Will in prison, and he asks her to visit him. He says he has to ask her something: “Will you wait for me?” Will follows by saying he knows that she is the one who killed Cara.

What news does Liv break to Will in prison?

Will begins to unpack how he plans to hire the best lawyers and private investigators to ensure she will be charged with Cara’s murder. However, she says why would you do that to the mother of your child?

He doesn’t believe her, and she says, “I guess you’ll have to wait to find out.”

Wilderness Season 1 Ending Explained

Before she leaves, Will asks Liv why she killed Cara, and she leaned over the table and said, “Because I thought it was you.” This leads to him freaking out trying to go across the table before being stopped by the guards.

We see Liv writing the story of everything that went down (remember, she’s a writer) and sending it to her mom. The season ends with Liv going to the site where she pushed Cara off the cliff.

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