Complete Recap: ‘Wilderness’ Season 1 – Every Episode Explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 15, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Wilderness Season 1 Recap (Episodes 1-6)
Wilderness Season 1 (Credit - Apple TV+)


The six-episode first season of the psychological series based on B.E. Jones’s novel Wilderness debuted on Prime Video. The series stars the duo of Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen in the lead roles of newlyweds Liv and Will Taylor.

Will and Liv are in a happy bubble until Liv realizes that Will hasn’t been honest with her. Things quickly turn awry when a woman that Will is having an affair with turns up dead leading to their relationship being put to the ultimate test. From the cops closing in on what really happened, the woman’s boyfriend confronting the couple, and more secrets unfolding, the couple are pushed to the brink. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in every episode of Wilderness Season 1:

Episode 1 – “Happily Ever After”

Newlyweds Will and Liv are living life to the fullest when he takes on a new job in a new town. As they settle in, Liv comes across a text message on Will’s phone that jeopardizes their entire relationship. After admitting to cheating, Liv throws Will out of the house. Days later, Will arrives, pleading to Liv to take him back and go on a road trip with him. The duo set off on the big road trip, only for Liv to find an email with a video of Will and a girl having sex.

Episode 2 – “The Other Woman”

The second episode lives up to its title, “The Other Woman,” as we see Liv do a deep dive into Cara, the other woman. Liv decides to follow her around town to get to know her more. Will and Liv head on a hiking trip and run into Cara and her boyfriend, Garth. The four of them decide to hike together leading to Liv befriending Cara, which later led to a massive fight between Will and Liv. After the war, Liv drinks until she passes out. She tries to call Will, who left his phone in the hotel. Liv sees a text message from Cara on Will’s phone saying to meet her at the waterfall as it’s time for them to be together. Liv freaks out and heads to the waterfall, where she sees someone in a raincoat and pushes them off the cliff.

Episode 3 – “Repent at Leisure”

We deal with the aftermath of Liv pushing someone off the cliff. Liv quickly discovers that it wasn’t Will that she pushed, but Cara. A search for Cara begins and is short-lived as they are able to locate her body. While she was still alive and rushed to the hospital, Cara passed away shortly after arriving. All this leads to Will coming clean to Liv about Cara being the person he cheated on her with. However, he needed a huge favor from Liv, and that was to be his alibi. Although she laughed at the idea, she backed his story to the police.

Wilderness Season 1, Episode 3 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

Episode 4 – “Home Sweet Home”

As Liv stands by Will’s side, she starts to ask him questions about his and Cara’s relationship. Of course, in each of Will’s answers, Liv gets increasingly upset. As a result of the cops reopening the case into Cara’s death, Liv and Will begin to make a plan to erase Will and Cara’s relationship. In doing so, Liv found out that Will gave her a key to their house and slept with her in it. After finding the key, Liv and Will breathe a sigh of relief. The episode ended with the cops arresting Garth for the murder of Cara.

Episode 5 – “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

The cops are questioning Garth about his and Cara’s relationship. They reveal that inside her gym locker, she had 40 thousand dollars, an ID, and housing options, which brings into question their relationship being as strong as he told the cops. Liv’s mother figures out that Will had an affair with Cara, but Liv gets her off the case after admitting if she goes to the cops, she would be the one who gets in trouble. As Liv discovers Will cheated with another woman, Garth comes into the picture, and things quickly turn violent with Liv ending up hitting him over the head with a rock repeatedly.

Wilderness Season 1 Recap (Episodes 1-6)

Wilderness Season 1, Episode 3 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

Episode 6 – “Where White Knights Go To Die”

The finale starts with Liv talking to the police about what happened with Garth. After questioning her, the District Attorney decided they won’t charge her. After getting home from the police station, Liv tells Will she wants a divorce. He responds by blackmailing her, saying he will go to the police and say her killing Garth wasn’t self-defense. While Will thought he had the upper hand, Liv leaked the video of him and Cara having sex, leading to him being arrested. Liv visits Will in prison, where he confronts her about him knowing she killed Cara. After a back and forth, Will asks her why she did it, and she says, “I thought it was you.” The season ends with Liv visiting the place where she killed Cara.


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